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Food Lover's Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

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When we decided to start offering trips in the U.S. our first destination was obvious – Chicago! As a Chicago-based company full of long-time Chicago residents, we know well the culinary delights this city has to offer. From its plethora of ethnic neighborhoods to its many Michelin-star restaurants, there is a great foodie experience on pretty much every block of the city.

While Chicago might historically have been most famous for deep-dish pizza, hot dogs (no ketchup!), and Italian beef, it is now one of the cutting edge cities in the culinary world with such restaurants as Alinea, TRU, Blackbird, the Girl and the Goat, and many, many more.

Your 3-night Chicago culinary experience will include accommodations in one of the many superior 4* hotels with whom we work, as well as a hands-on cooking class exclusive to The International Kitchen, and finally a foodie tour that will explore the depth of Chicago's gastronomy. More than just a sampling of hot dogs and pizza, the driving tour will take you to Chicago's neighborhoods where you will taste the best the city has to offer. Not just a food tour, you'll experience the city's history and culture through the eyes of a Chicagoan.

The cooking class will be a hands-on experience in which you prepare a full meal (3- or 4- courses) and will be held, depending on the day of the week, in one of the local restaurants or cooking facilities we use. Specialty classes are available on request, including (but not limited to): Mexican, Thai, Soul Food, Italian, Indian, and more.

Join us in a culinary journey of this most excellent foodie city!

Food Lover's Chicago Itinerary

Days 1-4

  • Start each day by stepping out of your centrally-located 4* hotel in downtown Chicago to find a breakfast spot. We can make recommendations, or you can grab a quick pastry and coffee before heading out to explore the city.
  • Your trip will include one hands-on cooking class – depending on the dates, it might be a morning class followed by lunch or an afternoon class followed by dinner. We’ll get your input about what kind of class piques your interest (Italian? Thai? Deep dish pizza?).
  • Your Chicago stay will also include a foodie driving tour featuring some of the city’s best food as well as some of its off-the-beaten path cultural sites. Note that this tour features multiple stops and multiple tastings! Come hungry and plan on a light dinner.
  • If you’d like, we can add on architectural tours, guided city tours, or dinner reservations at any of our favorite Chicago restaurants.