Our Croatia Cooking Vacations

Food and Wine Tours in Croatia

Our Croatia food tours and cooking vacations combine the best of culinary traditions with an in-depth exploration of this fascinating country.

Book one of our Croatia food tours and you’ll have an incredible culinary journey. Whether you choose a Split Croatia food tour or a wine tasting in Dubrovnik Croatia, you will enjoy an amazing array of experiences. Our Croatia culinary tours include visits to bustling cities as well as the charming, relaxing coastline, hands-on cooking classes, first-class accommodations, and unforgettable food.

One thing you will discover on a Croatia food tour or cooking vacation is the diversity of cuisines. The coastal tradition is influenced by Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, rich in seafood, vegetables, olive oil, and garlic. But head toward the interior on a Croatia food tour or wine tasting tour and discover a cuisine influenced by Hungarian, Austrian, and even Turkish cuisine.

Cooking on Our Croatia Food Tours

What can you expect of the cooking classes on our Croatia food tours?

There are many different things you can expect during the cooking classes on our Croatia food tours, such as learning how to roast and grill meat the way Croatians do — using an iron bell called peka – or experiencing the flavors of fresh seafood tossed on the grill with olive oil, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Or, try making the hearty stews and soups that are so often enjoyed on Sundays when the family traditionally gathers around the table together. You might cook by the open sea, on a farm, or at a vineyard.

Cooking together during a culinary vacation in Croatia.

Cooking together during a culinary vacation in Croatia.

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Square in Split Croatia, visited on your cooking vacation in Croatia

Square in Split Croatia, visited on your cooking vacation in Croatia.

Whatever the focus of the cooking classes, the result will be a delicious meal, which of course is not complete without a glass of world-class wine from one of the 300 wine producing areas that you can explore during a wine tasting in Split Croatia or in other cities of this vibrant country. In fact, wine tasting tours in Croatia have grown increasingly popular as Croatian wines have gained in prestige. Whether you do a wine tasting in Split Croatia, one of our wine tours in Dubrovnik Croatia, or head out to the countryside, some of the best wine tours in Croatia will include the fruity wines from the north, the spicy reds from the south, as well as the more subtle wines that are typically found along the coast.

Croatian wine production harkens back to ancient times, but it has grown apace with general European winemaking traditions. Although there are hundreds of geographical origins you can experience on our Croatia wine tours, there are two major styles of wine: the fruity whites of the north, and the Mediterranean-style reds more to the south. Both pair perfectly with the foods you will make and eat on our cooking vacations and wine tasting tours in Croatia.



Tourist on the city walls of Dubrovnik during a culinary tour with TIK

Tourists on the city walls of Dubrovnik Croatia.

More about Our Croatia Wine Tours and Cooking Vacations

Croatia represents a unique blend of cultures as well as of cuisines, as you will discover during a wine tasting in Split Croatia or on a culinary vacation that spans the coast. Its geographical position makes it a sort of crossroads between eastern and western cultures, and you can explore the wonderful history, art, and architecture of Croatia during visits to Dubrovnik and Split. Visit the old city walls or the “Stradun” thoroughfare on one of our culinary vacations or wine tours in Dubrovnik, or Diocletian’s Palace or Klis Fortress on a Split Croatia food tour, and you will feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

We can also offer custom culinary tours of Croatia, and we can design wine tasting tours, cultural tours, and foodie tours to suit any traveler.