One-Day Cooking Course in Paris – Lesson with Chef Dominique

Chef Dominique trained as a chef at the Hotel and Catering School of Paris (Jean Drouant) and worked in a variety of kitchen teams in restaurants around France, including the Crillon hotel in Paris. Your cooking class in Paris with Chef Dominique begins with a stop at the local market, where you’ll choose your ingredients, before returning to create a three-course meal. The class takes place in his private apartment kitchen, which borders the 11th and 20th arrondissements near Père Lachaise cemetery.

Chef Dominique also offers a three-hour afternoon dessert class, in which you’ll learn how make three desserts that you can enjoy afterwards along with a hot drink.

  • Morning market class: 9:15AM – 1:45PM (approx.)
  • Morning class only: 10:45AM – 1:45PM (approx.)
  • Dessert class: 3PM – 6PM (approx.)

Trip Details

Pricing & Dates

Class Pricing

Morning market class price per person US$225
Morning class (no market visit) price per person US$185
Afternoon dessert class price per person US$175

Class Dates

Cooking class available on request Tuesday through Saturday for a minimum of 1 and maximum of 6 people.  Dessert class requires a minimum of 2 people. Sunday classes: please inquire.

  • Morning market class: 9:15AM – 1:45PM (approx.)
  • Morning class only: 10:45AM – 1:45PM (approx.)
  • Dessert class: 3PM – 6PM (approx.)


We gave this trip 5 stars
Sydney & Gertrude
We had a great trip to Paris. Beautiful weather, great experience overall. We had a great time with Chef Dominique. I planned a day cooking class with market shopping for my friend and our mothers. The Chef was very kind and pleasant. Walking through the market was fun and informative to experience with a local and professional. We cannot say enough about our experience. Many thanks to Chef Dominique for his kindness, expertise and hospitality.
No rating given with this review
During my market visit and hands-on cooking class, I learned that Chef Dominique is definitely a foodie at heart. He knows all the good places to get the best food.  He showed me how to tackle the markets in France and how to get certain techniques down to make me a better cook. In the class, we learned about different foods and what to cook seasonally based on what was available. We got to learn about how cooking was in his blood from a grandfather who was a chef in the Alsace region.  Chef Dominique showed me a new side of Paris. If you're truly interested in learning a couple new dishes, talking food, and finding out something new about the Paris food scene then this is a class you would probably enjoy. Tyler H., IL  
No rating given with this review
It was a great experience. The chef was very knowledgeable and very nice. The class was a bit basic for my skill set. Wish I could have chosen which skill level I was and what I was looking for in a class. Peggy B., MN
No rating given with this review
I enjoyed visiting the chef's apartment and meeting his family. It's very interesting not only to see their local market but also to experience Parisian daily life. Robert H., SD
No rating given with this review
The cooking class with Dominique was great. We made three different desserts, each more delicious than the last. Dominique was able to strike the perfect balance between instruction and letting us practice. His home was welcoming and he started the class off with coffee and conversation. It was absolutely perfect from start to finish. [Regarding the cooking class voucher:] Perfect amount of information. [Regarding The International Kitchen staff:] Yes, we had all of the details post confirmation and prior to the class. The only catch was we were required to confirm 48 hours before the class and we were on a plane at that time. It ended up working out though! Maggie & Joni B., NY
No rating given with this review
Great experience and Chef Dominique was very instructive. Picked up helpful hints and can't wait to receive the recipes for the desserts that we made. The TIK staff in Chicago was extremely helpful as this was a last minute item on my "to do" list while I was in Paris. Patricia, NY

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