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Making authentic espresso on a food tour in Italy.
Dec 18, 2019

How to Order Coffee in Italy and Other Useful Coffee Tips

Most people know that ordering coffee is not like ordering coffee in the US. Even in the age of Starbucks and other coffee houses, even with terms like “Americano,” “Macchiato,” and “Grande” tossed around, there is still a bit to learn when it comes to ordering coffee in Italy. Try a coffee with a slice […]

Arriving in Europe on our culinary tours with TIK.
Oct 17, 2019

Things My Mom Needs to Know Before Her Trip: The Arrival

Welcome to the third of our blog posts dedicated to getting my mother ready for her custom culinary vacation to Spain and Portugal! We’re here today to answer her questions – and yours – about what to expect upon arrival. We already tackled “The Basics” and “Getting Ready to Go,” so read on to discover […]

Closeup of packing your suitcase for a culinary tour of Europe with The International Kitchen.
Oct 08, 2019

Things My Mom Needs to Know Before Her Trip: Getting Ready to Go

Welcome to the second of our blog posts dedicated to my mother and her culinary vacation to Spain and Portugal! Really these posts are dedicated to any of our travelers who like to travel but aren’t necessarily super experienced traveling abroad. Hopefully by answering my mother’s questions related to her custom trip to Spain and […]

Preparing to take a culinary vacation with TIK, expert travel planners.
Sep 24, 2019

Things My Mom Needs to Know Before Her Trip: The Basics

When my mother and a friend of hers asked about a custom-designed culinary vacation to Spain and Portugal my first thought was, “Excellent!” My second thought was, “Oh my goodness, my mother is going to have a lot of questions for me.” Although not a first-time traveler to Europe (she came to visit me in […]

Packing for a culinary tour with TIK
Apr 15, 2019

TIK’s Top 7 Tips for Traveling to Europe

Europe is and has always been our top destination for our culinary vacations and foodie tours. At The International Kitchen we’ve been helping our travelers explore European culture and gastronomy for decades, and have plenty of tips and tricks to make your stay successful. So what are our top 7 tips for before you leave […]

Tuscan vineyards on our Italy vacation packages in Tuscany
Feb 25, 2019

Italy Vacation Packages: Our Favorite Tuscany Trips

At The International Kitchen, our Italy vacation packages are perfect ways to explore Italy, whether you think of yourself as a foodie or not. Our culinary trips are for private and small-group travel – no busses, no tourist traps, nothing but intimate and authentic foodie and cultural experiences. In a destination like Tuscany, where vacation […]

A culinary traveler on a cooking vacation in Lisbon, Portugal
Jan 04, 2019

Best Destinations in Europe for 2019

What are the best destinations in Europe for 2019? That’s a hard question to answer, but when we look at travel trends, “hot” destinations, and our own culinary tours, we believe 2019 will be amazing years to visit these amazing European cities: Best European Destinations Dubrovnik Barcelona Lisbon Bordeaux Taormina Bellagio Dubrovnik Croatia has been […]

The mercat del Ninot visited on a foodie culinary tour of Barcelona
Nov 19, 2018

Barcelona Cooking Vacation: Mercat del Ninot

I have to confess, when doing a market tour in Barcelona my first thought was “what’s the Ninot market and why aren’t we going to the Boqueria?” It’s true that the Boqueria market off the city’s main “Rambla” is one of the largest, oldest, and most well-known markets in Europe, but Barcelona is peppered with […]

Gaudí's windows on at the Casa Batllò in Barcelona
Nov 10, 2018

Barcelona Neighborhoods: The Passeig de Gracia

One of Barcelona’s most famous streets – and one of my favorites – is the Passeig de Gracia, which is a must-stop destination on any culinary tour of Barcelona. Named for the road (passeig means “passage,” or “way”) that connected old Barcelona to the village of Gracia to the north, this wide, ambling promenade is […]

Traditional Spanish tapas on a foodie tour in Barcelona
Oct 23, 2018

How Do You Eat Tapas in Barcelona?

How do you eat tapas in Barcelona? It’s super easy, especially in a cosmopolitan city where most of the waitstaff speak multiple languages, including English. There are different types of tapas, all of which you can enjoy on a cooking vacation and foodie tour of Barcelona, including: pintxos tapas frias tapas calientes montaditos bocaditos See […]