Cooking Classes

Countries We Visit


France epitomizes the idea of a culinary destination, from Provence, to Paris, to Normandy. Explore France


From regional specialities to traditional Italian, Italy offers everything you could want in a cooking vacation. Explore Italy


No one savors life like the Portuguese, from the sea to the mountains, to the vineyard-flanked rivers. Explore Portugal


Spain offers both authentic rustic cuisine and the cutting edge of European gastronomy under its sunny skies. Explore Spain

One-Day Cooking Classes

For those who don’t have time for a full culinary vacation, The International Kitchen offers one-day cooking classes in many countries which clients usually tell us are the highlight of their vacation. Our a la carte cooking courses provide an authentic and delectable cooking experience that is rich in both culture and cuisine. Things you can expect during our one-day classes:
  • Classes usually last around 3 hours
  • Some include a visit to a local food market
  • A multi-course meal is usually prepared
  • The meals is enjoyed at the end of class with wine
  • Courses can usually be offered for 2 or more people (and sometimes for solo travelers as well)
Our classes are offered in a variety of locations, so if you have your trip dates planned, give us a call and we can make some suggestions. Most of our one-day classes do not include transportation. You can find more information, including pricing and more details on the chef and the location, by searching or browsing through our cooking class options.

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