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Thailand Food Tours

Try a Thailand food tour and experience why Thai cuisine is one of the most revered among foodies worldwide.

Thai food is exotic but simple, truly based on fresh produce and seafood in flavor combinations so charming you will keep coming back for more on our Taste of Thailand food tours. Like much of Southeast Asian cuisine, Thai cuisine is characterized by being lightly prepared, fresh, and combining the different flavor profiles of salty, sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter. Although Thai food does vary by region, noodles and rice are prevalent, served with light broths or complex sauces, meat or seafood, and of course fresh vegetables and herbs. You can learn to make this delicious and fresh fare on our Bangkok food tours or on a Thailand cooking vacation.

Despite being such a popular destination, Thailand retains its unique character; its culture is rich, its people are known for their carefree demeanors and quick smiles. Thailand, unlike most of its neighbors, was never colonized, although you will find many influences (mostly Asian) in Thai cuisine.

Thailand is so popular that many people who travel there on a Thailand food tour decide never to leave, or to come back permanently in their retirement!

From City to Coast on a Thailand Food Tour

Culturally, you will find much to see on a Thailand food tour. The country is largely Buddhist, resulting in many beautiful “wats,” or temples in the cities of Thailand. Our Bangkok food tours and our Chiang Mai food tours will expose you to the bustling markets and street fares, including exotic street food.

Outside the cities you can find lush forests full of exotic animals and majestic waterfalls, and of course the coastline and islands are known for their crystal-clear waters. A Thailand cooking vacation on the coast will include plenty of time to explore the beaches and the beautiful waters.

Our Thailand food tours are usually private and are easily customizable. We have expert partners and guides who will lead you through your cooking holiday in Thailand, whether that be Bangkok food tours, cruises along the rivers of Thailand, or even fishing expeditions along the coast.

Enjoying a beer during a culinary vacation in Southeast Asia with The International Kitchen.

Enjoying a beer during a culinary vacation in Southeast Asia with The International Kitchen.

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What to Expect on a Thailand Food Tour

Although Thailand is considered an exotic destination by many western travelers, it’s a friendly and approachable land. Yes, you can find exotic dishes – which you may or may not choose to try on our Thailand culinary tours – but you will also find some of the freshest and most delicious flavors of any cuisine we’ve ever experienced. Thai cuisine can be fresh or spicy, it is full of soups and salads, rice dishes, noodle dishes (and even here there is a lot of diversity in the type of noodles one can find), as well as stir fry dishes. Curries are popular, as is coconut milk, chiles, aromatic herbs, and limes.

Whether you are participating in hands-on cooking classes featuring Thai cuisine, exploring street food on a Bangkok food tour, or dining in a gastronomic restaurant, you will find plenty of flavor on our Thailand cooking vacations!