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The fascinating land of Malbecs, empanadas, Gaucho cowboys, and asado barbecues! Explore Argentina


An immense variety of flavors in a small country, where ancient culinary traditions are preserved. Explore Croatia


France epitomizes the idea of a culinary destination, from Provence, to Paris, to Normandy. Explore France


The essence of the Mediterranean diet in the seat of Western Civilization. Explore Greece


India offers delectable curries, savory chaat, and tandoor-baked dishes, as well as a vibrant and diverse culture. Explore India


From regional specialities to traditional Italian, Italy offers everything you could want in a cooking vacation. Explore Italy


A culinary paradise full of regional dishes, fresh produce, and authentic flavors. Explore Mexico


From the Strait of Gibraltar to the Sahara Desert, Morocco offers culinary and cultural riches to explore. Explore Morocco


Enjoy authentic Peruvian cuisine while exploring such sights as Machu Picchu and the magical cloud forest. Explore Peru


No one savors life like the Portuguese, from the sea to the mountains, to the vineyard-flanked rivers. Explore Portugal


Spain offers both authentic rustic cuisine and the cutting edge of European gastronomy under its sunny skies. Explore Spain


Known as the ‘land of smiles,’ Thailand is also one of the world’s top destinations for a cooking vacation. Explore Thailand


A meeting of Europe and Asia, Turkey provides cultural and culinary wonders at every turn. Explore Turkey

United Kingdom

Ancient churches and castles, bustling cities, pubs and tea houses, and local and international cuisines. Explore United Kingdom


The proverbial “melting pot” in every sense – including in its gastronomy and food scene. Explore USA

Vietnam & Cambodia

Experience the wonders of Vietnamese cuisine and the temples of Angkor on a Southeast Asian culinary tour…   Explore Vietnam & Cambodia

Where We Travel

There are 2 prerequisites for being the destination of a cooking vacation with The International Kitchen: it must have great food, and it must be someplace we’d like to travel ourselves. Some of these are obvious: who wouldn’t want to make home-made pasta in Italy? Or picnic in a vineyard in France? Or learn about ham and sherry in Spain? Others are the result of our own travels and experiences, places like Southeast Asia, Mexico, Croatia, even Chicago, where the food and general awesomeness of a place made us determined to share it. Regardless of the destination, our promise is an “insider’s” view into it through its cuisine, guided by a local, and surrounded by new friends. We have found, and our culinary travelers have confirmed, that experiencing a destination through its gastronomy opens up new perspectives. This means that each of our destinations offers some of the same elements. You make friends on our trips, you go places you would never find on your own, and you eat like a local (only sometimes even better). You cook with renowned chefs or the little old lady down the street; you milk goats and make cheese, then have it for lunch; you learn about grape varietals and how to pair wines and food. And this means we are always discovering new journeys, new cuisines, for our culinary travelers. Each time we travel we ask ourselves, is this a place our travelers would want to experience? Is this a cuisine they’d like to explore? Is there something we can offer – cooking classes, foodie tours, authentic tastings – that makes this experience special? If the answer is yes, we use our years of travel experience to put together a new itinerary to offer our passionate foodies. Are our destinations safe? Yes! We are careful with even our most exotic destinations, and make sure that you are taken care of from arrival to departure, that you have informed guides, and an “in” to the local culture. We have many decades of combined experience both traveling and in the travel industry that helps us make the right decisions for your trip. Where to next? If you have a culinary destination in mind and don’t see it offered, give us a call. We might be able to arrange a custom tour, if it is a destination we know well but aren’t currently offering. Or we may just decide to go there ourselves to check it out so that we can add it down the road. As always, if you have questions about any of our destinations around the world, we are here to answer them. We each have our own favorites, but we are also each able to answer questions about any of our many excellent locales.

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