One-Day Cooking Course in Paris – Lesson with Chef Marthe

Chef Marthe left the restaurant business to teach her excellent recipes in her funny and informative way in her lovely apartment in Montparnasse, next to St. Germain des Pres, the most popular area on the left bank. She is not a professional chef, but an accomplished home cook, and everything she makes is designed to enhance the flavor and quality of fresh produce and can be easily reproduced in your own home.

Your class starts with a visit to the local market to select ingredients, and is followed by the hands-on cooking class in which you prepare a three-course meal. This is a charming and enjoyable way to get an authentic flavor of Parisian cooking with a delightful local!

Chef Marthe also offers a dessert or chocolate class in the afternoon. The three-hour class includes two or three specialties cooked and tasted with coffee and tea.

  • Morning market class: 9:15 am — 1:45 pm (approx)
  • Dessert class: 3:00 pm — 6:00 pm (approx)

In August, due to fewer open markets, Marthe only does market visits on Saturdays.

Trip Details

Pricing & Dates

Class Pricing

Morning market class price per person US$225
Afternoon dessert class price per person US$175

Class Dates

Available on request Tuesday through Saturday, for a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 people. Dessert class requires minimum of 2 people. Sunday classes: please inquire.

  • Morning market class: 9:15 am — 1:45 pm (approx)
  • Dessert class: 3:00 pm — 6:00 pm (approx) (minimum 2 people)

In August, due to fewer open markets, Marthe only does market visits on Saturdays.


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Chef Marthe is lovely and I really enjoyed her, the food and her cookbook collection. A wonderful morning.
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Marthe was pleasant, welcoming and prepared. I was cooking with my two teenage granddaughters. Marthe handed out recipes for the preparation of three desserts, from which we worked, and encouraged the girls, both previous non-cooks, to participate. They measured ingredients on the scale, whisked eggs and sugar, grated zest, peeled apples, all of which were tasks they had never before performed. After baking, we sat at the table and the four of us enjoyed the result of our efforts. The girls talked favorably about the afternoon during our remaining time in Paris. I was always treated with the utmost courtesy by the entire staff at The International Kitchen. Their suggestion of doing a city tour in the vintage Citroen 2CV turned out to be another highlight of our trip to Paris. The girls loved getting a private tour of the city and all of its treasured areas and monuments in such a special way. And, actually, so did I. Mona, IL
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It was a really good experience. The International Kitchen staff was fantastic!
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It was one of the highlights of my quick 4 days in Paris. Chef Marthe is an incredible host, chef and genuine lady. She is so personable and passionate about her cooking, the ingredients and the presentation. I enjoyed her attention to detail even down to the pan we baked our quiche in, sharing with us that even the dishes should be beautiful. She gave us wonderful recommendations for bakeries, cooking stores and restaurants in town. I would absolutely recommend Chef Marthe again! Margrete C., CA
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I had a very nice experience in the cooking class with Chef Marthe in Paris. The open air food market was very interesting and colorful. And then, back to her apartment to prepare the food. My classmates were very nice and we were able to participate and prep the meal with Marthe. And then to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor at lunch was very satisfying. Overall, a very nice experience. The Chicago staff is very helpful. Have used your services before a few years ago and was very satisfied. Barbara Z., VA
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Chef Martha was lovely and the [dessert] class was great. She was very sweet to my sons. I expected the class to be great and it was! Amy K., CA
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Chef Marthe has tremendous passion for what she does, and is very good at making her students feel comfortable in her home. I like that the class was small, with just four of us, which was the perfect number. The small class size allows everyone to be involved in the various dishes. The Market Class was fun, because that is so different compared to how I/we shop in the United States. It was a treat to listen to her chat with the vendors and to see what she was looking for and why. Pamela H., FL
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Marthe was wonderful. Excellent cook -- great teacher. Yvette C., CO
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The class was fine -- just three "pupils" in chef Marthe's home kitchen. One of the highlights was the local market shopping experience. My wife and I would have preferred a somewhat more "advanced" program, perhaps going to the market to see what's available and constructing a menu from that, rather than the chef having decided beforehand what we would be making. [Regarding The International Kitchen staff:] Staff and travel directions, local map, etc. were all helpful. Robert & Carol B., NY
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Loved being in the chef's home with a very small group. Loved her knowledge of cooking. Really enjoyed the trip to the market before cooking to pick out the fresh ingredients. Chef Marthe is fantastic! Steve C., TX
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Chef Marthe was delightful! She let me pick the menu, took me to the market, and gave much information about markets and bistros in Paris. She showed many techniques for preparing the dishes and shared all the recipes. Chef Marthe also invited my husband to join us for the meal. She was extremely friendly and hospitable. Christine

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