Trips for the Advanced Cook

July 4, 2016  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Trips for the Advanced Cook

Are you spending time with family and friends for the Fourth of July? While barbecuing over the grill, and enjoying all the festive desserts at the backyard potluck, don’t forget to talk about planning your next vacation together! One of the reasons we offer so many different cooking vacations is that we can help you pick the perfect trip that fits what you want to see, to, do, and of course cook and eat!

Also, while many of our cooking classes can be tailored to your skill level, there are certain trips that are particularly perfect for people who are advanced cooks or chefs. Here are just some of them (in addition to our ‘stages’).

Brittany cooking classCooking in Brittany
Situated on a peninsula in the northwest of France, seafood is abundant in the region of Brittany. Discover the seafood of the region, along with other local flavors, during twice-day cookery courses with a Michelin-trained chef. 6-night itinerary prices start at US$1600 per person.

Gourmet Cuisine in France
Delve into the gourmet flavors of France — mixing both traditional and modern techniques — with this culinary vacation in the Loire, the bread basket of France. This advanced class experience takes place in a professionally equipped, yet inviting and warm kitchen with two well-regarded chefs at the helm. 5-night itinerary starts at US$1925 per person.

Knife classCooking in Gascony Head to the southwest of France to discover the signature dishes of Gascony under the tutelage of two chefs and connoisseurs of French cooking. The cooking intensive trip features classes that teach everything from knife skills to a desserts course. Depending on the dates picked, there is a general week as well as special advanced itineraries. Prices start at US$1000 per person for the 3-night option.

Cuisine and Culture of Provence As Chef Mark likes to say regarding his cooking adventure, you can cook as much as you want when you come to visit! Along the way you’ll visit some quintessential Provencal markets and quaint towns. This particular trip is great for families and groups, as weeks are available for a minimum of 5 people. The 5-night itinerary starts at US$3250 per person.

Normandy cooking classOn Rue Tatin with Susan Herrmann Loomis
Cook with the renowned journalist and chef Susan Herrmann Loomis during this special Normandy, France getaway to Louviers. Classes take place in her home, which is a renovated 12th-century convent, and the kitchen features professional equipment including her “dream” Italian Cornetto stove. Prices start at US$2500 per person for the 3-night trip.

Toscana Saporita
Cook every morning in a 16th-century villa located out in the gorgeous Italian countryside. Classes are led by a variety of professional chef, and all courses focus on natural, seasonal ingredients. Master classic Italian dishes either during the general week, or their advanced courses, which are available once a year. Prices start at US$2890 for the regular 6-night trip.

Don Alfonso Everything is deluxe with this trip. Stay in the world-renowned relais of Don Alfonso on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, cook with Michelin-starred chefs in 5 hands-on cooking classes, and visit local food producers, such as a mozzarella cheese maker. Read more about why we love our cooking vacation at Don Alfonso 1890. Prices start at US$2200 for the 4-night itinerary.

Culinary Secrets to a Longer Life with Diane Kochilas
Cook with the famed cookbook author and award-winning chef Diane Kochilas during this special Greek cooking vacation on the island of Ikaria. Daily hands-on courses will cover all sorts of fabulous Greek cuisine, and the trip is bolstered by visits to fabulous food artisans around the island. Prices start at US$3250 per person.

By Liz Hall

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By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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