Culinary Tours for our Active Travelers

Hiking on a culinary tour in EuropeAll of the travelers on culinary tours with The International Kitchen like to eat – these are foodie trips, after all! But a lot of our travelers like to balance the eating on our cooking vacations with physical activity such as biking, hiking, and even yoga and other specialty sports. It can make the perfect pairing to help you earn the extra food you’ll inevitably eat on a cooking vacation, and it’s a great way to see more of the country you are visiting.

Almost all of our culinary tours include a good deal of walking. Keep in mind that Europeans as a rule walk more than Americans, so it is definitely part of the lifestyle you’ll find while abroad on one of our foodie tours. But for those who are looking for even more activity, we can pinpoint the culinary tours that can provide it.

Hiking Tours for Our Foodie Travelers

Hiking in the Amazonas on a culinary vacation in PeruAmong our most popular hiking and cooking tours are:

Each of these culinary tours offers extended guided walks through the regions in question, whether the Monte Sibillini near Norcia, Umbria, the Amazon cloud forest in Peru, the Douro River Valley in Portugal, and of course the amazing natural park of the Cinque Terre in Liguria, Italy.

Try making pansoti ravioli from the Cinque Terre.

Biking Tours for Our Culinary Travelers

Biking in France on a culinary tour of the Loire ValleyOur Biking and Cooking in the Loire Valley culinary tour in France allows you to bike around the fabulous Loire Valley to visit such famed chateaux as Chambord, Blois, Amboise, and Clos Luce, and even Chenonceau. It is a fabulous way to explore France! But we can also add biking components to our Culinary Adventure in Puglia, our Food Lover’s Chicago, our Cooking in the French Alps, and more.

Custom Tours for Our Active Travelers

Don’t forget, we can customize almost any of our culinary tours to include more physical activity. We have had clients request yoga on the Amalfi Coast and in the heart of Spain, hiking, horseback riding, and kayaking in Sicily, and mountain biking in France.

So whether you want extended walks through the countryside, leisurely bike rides, or really vigorous activity, we can plan the perfect, active culinary tour for you.

By Peg Kern

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