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February 22, 2021  |  By Peg Kern
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Family vacation on Italy's Amalfi Coast.Think you can’t take a culinary tour with your kids? Think again! Foodie trips and culinary tours with The International Kitchen make great family vacations for several reasons:

Food Brings Families Together.

Family mealtime is a staple in our house, and what is better than experiencing this together during an exploration of new cultures and cuisines? My kids, ages 10 and 8, are actually more adventurous eaters while we’re on vacation. They know they have to try different things, and it’s a nice break from our lives at home when they are always trying to get out of eating whatever the healthiest thing on their plate is. Plus, if your family is like mine (and since you’re reading a blog on food and travel I assume it is) you like food – and like it to the point that it’s one of the most important parts of your vacation!
Family vacation on the Greek Island of Zakynthos.

We’ll help you choose a trip that’s right for your family.

Some of our trips are better for younger kids, some are better for older children. Some are not appropriate for children at all! If you’re thinking of traveling with your family on one of our fabulous culinary tours, you can search for Family Friendly Vacation Packages, or give us a call and we’ll steer you in the right direction. Some trips that we’ve planned for families in the past include:

Family pizza making class in Naples with The International Kitchen.We can also design a custom tour just for your family. Interested? Just give us a call.

Learn how to make pizza during a stay in one of our favorite cities: Naples!

Not everyone has to cook.

Let’s face it, even if everyone in your family likes to eat, it doesn’t mean they all want to learn to cook. And they don’t have to. We offer many culinary tours that offer a “non-cooking companion” discount, and we can design custom tours for your family if only some of you want to cook. Personally, we encourage people to try it, as more often than not it’s more fun they they are expecting and they’re glad they did. But if your children are too little, or if you or your spouse simply prefer to eat the fruits of someone else’s labor, that’s not a problem. In fact, we can create a foodie tour for you and your family that doesn’t include any cooking at all!

Discover some of our favorite beach vacations for your next family trip.

There are plenty of fun things for kids on our trips.

Our trips at The International Kitchen are full of full excursions and most include some free time for exploring. Whether your family is interested in a beach vacation, relaxing by a pool, exploring old castles, staying on a local farm, fishing in the Mediterranean, hiking, or biking, we have plenty of activities to keep everyone happy.

Try a farm-to-table trip for your next family vacation: Authentic Italy from the Mountains to the Sea.

By Peg Kern

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