A Peek Inside Some of Our Favorite B&Bs For Cooking Vacations

June 8, 2015  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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A Peek Inside Some of Our Favorite B&Bs For Cooking Vacations

Accommodations aren’t just a place for travelers for rest their head after a day out and about. Oftentimes the accommodations, as well as their staffs, can make or break a trip with the level of service and comfort provided. That’s one reason why we’ll be talking about some of our favorite bed and breakfast destinations this week on social media.

Bed and breakfasts don’t always go by the name of B&Bs in Europe (more on that later this week), but all do offer a charming and more intimate setting for a cooking vacation. Oftentimes cooking classes take place in the B&B’s kitchen, so it feels like you’re joining friends in the kitchen! They also are often located in more rural locales, which make it a prime spot for a relaxing getaway.

A charming property in the Langhe, Italy
In Italy, with our Bountiful Piedmont cooking vacation, guests stay in one of two B&B options. One is a country manor house that’s set amongst vineyards and orchards, and like many B&Bs, the rooms are individually styled with antiques and period furniture. It’s also a family-run property where the owner’s mother continues to make preserves using the fruit grown on the property.

A B&B in Piedmont A charming ensuite room The B&B's library Patio

See more of the property’s photos.

A B&B with history in Normandy, France
Many B&Bs have quite the history, and that is definitely the case with the B&B property of Chef Sinead and her family, where our Discover Normandy cooking vacations are held. While it was renovated in recent years, the history of the house is evident; for one, the date the bake house was built — the tumultuous year of 1789 — is engraved on the building’s main beam. The accommodations themselves were once barns and hay lofts; today, they’re comfortable rooms that, quite simply, feel like home. The family’s pets, including their cat and daschund dog, roam the property too, adding to the charm of this quintessential Norman home.

Door to the Normandy B&B All of the farmhouse rooms are setup differently The family's pets are often seen hanging out at the B&B Horses in the Normandy countryside

See more photos from this French B&B.

A Spanish Bed and Breakfast
In Spain, the property for Cooking in Andalusian Olive Country may be called a ‘finca’ but with only four bedrooms — all individually decorated — and owned and operated by a lovely family, it’s a B&B through and through. The 100-year-old finca’s rooms are beautifully complemented by the wood burning stove, pool, patios, and — of course — the stunning views of the surrounding Andalusian olive countryside.

The finca is situated in Andalusia, surrounded by olive groves The hotel features 4 rooms, including this suite When not cooking or touring, relax by the pool The property's balcony

View more of the finca’s photos.

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These are just a few of many B&B options that we offer. No matter which trip you choose for a cooking vacation, know that you’ll be treated like family as soon as you arrive. To view more of our hotel and B&B accommodations, be sure to check out each trip’s ‘see the property’ icon for a full accommodations photo gallery.

By Liz Hall

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By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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