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Favorite Summer Drinks

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Sitting out on the patio with a cold drink is one of summer's true pleasures. We asked the staff of The International Kitchen what their favorite summer beverages are the responses represent a wide range of countries and styles!

Rose Baracchi in Tuscany Karen said she enjoys a good glass of Rosé wine during the summer. It might be memories of last summer in Tuscany, when she was sipping Rosé Baracchi (pictured) with winery owners Riccardo and Silvia Baracchi, or it might be the many times she's journeyed to Provence, known for its Rosés. Whatever the reason, we agree that a glass of chilled Rosé wine is a summertime staple.

Richard enjoying a mango margarita Some of The International Kitchen staff likes their summer beverages year round. Richard, for instance, likes Margaritas and Tequila Sunrises more in the summer, but he's happy to indulge during the winter months as well, especially if he's enjoying Mexican food like Black Bean Soup, Tacos de Mariscos Empanizados, or Salpicon de Res, which are three of our favorite recipes from our top cooking vacations in Mexico.

Tequilla, however, was not the only Mexican beverage mentioned in our poll. Adrian named Michelada—a drink made with beer, lime juice, spices, and tomato juice—as one of his summertime beverages of choice. Think a lighter version of a Bloody Mary. You can enjoy Richard and Adrian's favorites during any of our Mexico cooking vacations.

Campari and Soda Of course, some other classics named by our staff were the classic Gin & Tonic (favored by bookkeeper Sharon) and Campari and Soda or Campari Spritz, which got Liz's votes. Campari is not wildly popular in the US, but is still easy to find, so track down a bottle to see if you agree with Liz!

My favorite summer cocktail is probably a Mojito, because the mint and lime make it so refreshing even on a hot day. I love mint in general in the summer (mint iced tea is another staple), which probably explains why I also love a Whiskey Smash on occasion. Whiskey in the summer? Yes, strange though it may seem. A Whiskey Smash is a bit like a mint julep, but with citrus, so in a sense, a whiskey drinker's version of a Mojito!

What are your favorite summer beverages? Do you drink them all year round, or only in the summer?

By Peg Kern

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