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November 16, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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Summer means potluck season for me, and I am always looking for new potluck recipes. Every week, sometimes more than once a week, we manage to arrange potlucks and they are a ton of fun. You can have them at home or a park, playground, campsite – pretty much any where if the weather is nice.

So to help get you started we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite potluck recipes that we think work well for sharing.

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Spring Rolls Spring Rolls
While it’s not necessary to have all your potluck food be “finger food,” it does make it easier. This wonderful spring roll recipe is a perfect and fresh addition to any potluck or picnic, and it’s easy to serve and eat!

Tuscan Bean Dip
Dips and spreads are always crowd pleasers at picnics and potlucks. They are easy to share, and can be served with a variety of breads, chips, and crackers. This one is one of our favorites, perfected by our Richard Davis!

Provencal Tapenade Tapenade (Black Olive Spread)
Another of our favorite spreads, this one hails from Provence, and is a perfect summertime dish. It’s easy, briny, fresh, and delicious – paired with a bit of crusty bread, it’s like heaven on earth.

Orange Salad with Salt Codfish and Iberian Ham
This salad recipe combines enough protein to satisfy and the fruit makes it wonderful for summer. Plus, we love anything from Andalusia, Spain!

Simple and filling, it is perfect in the summertime when you have fresh tasty tomatoes and basil. We think bruschetta is Italy’s most popular appetizer!

Arancini di Risu
We also love anything from Sicily, and these fried rice balls are always popular. They stay hot for longer than you might imagine, so even if you don’t serve them hot out of the fryer, they are still wonderful. They are also popular with both children and adults! Or, try a Roman version: supplí al telefono!

Uova Tonnate Uova Tonnate
This is basically and Italian version of a deviled egg, and who doesn’t like deviled eggs at potlucks? The key ingredient is the tuna, as it’s a riff on the more traditional “salsa tonnata” that you will find in northern Italy.

Every potluck needs dessert and Tiramisù is always a favorite! The plus is that you can make a big dish of it to serve a lot of people. The down side is it does require plates and forks, but it’s so delicious it’s worth the effort!

Pisco Sour Pisco Sour
It never hurts to have a great cocktail recipe for potlucks either! Although this one is a bit more elaborate than you might try normally, it makes for a festive night!

Do you do summer picnics and potlucks? What are your favorite recipes? Share in the comments or on social media!

By Peg Kern

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