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How to Make a New Year's Toast

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New Years around the world means a lot of good food and drink, and of course a special New Year's toast. Here is a quick cheat sheet on what to serve and how to ring in the New Year!

In Spain, the sparkling wine of choice is Cava. Most of it hails from the Catalonia region of Spain, home to Barcelona and a part of Spain that certainly knows how to party. It can be white or rosé, and its crisp bubbliness is a perfect way to usher in 2015.

A bottle of sparkling Lambrusco wine What to say for your toast? "Feliz Año" or "Prospero Año Nuevo" are both good choices.

In France of course, Champagne is the most popular and well known sparkler for big events, but other regions produce sparkling wines (called Mousseux and Crémant) as well. At The International Kitchen we just celebrated at our holiday party with an excellent Crémant d'Alsace.

What toast should accompany it? "Bonne année" or "Bonne année et bonne santé"!

Enjoying a glass of Asti spumone in the garden Italy is no stranger to sparklers. The sparkling wines of Franciacorta, Emilia-Romagna, and the Prosecco area of the Veneto region are all well-known and excellent choices for a New Year's toast, but to ring in the New Year, most Italians will go for the classic Asti Spumante, the delicious sparkler from Asti (Piedmont).

And to wish someone a Happy New Year, as we wish to all of our travelers, past and future: "Buon anno!"

By Peg Kern

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