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November 16, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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So you’ve heard that cooking vacations and cooking classes are a fun thing to do but you’re not sure what to expect when you book one. Do you eat what you make? What if you don’t want to clean and fillet a fish? What if you’re gluten free? Do you have to bring your own knives? Are the classes in English?

Here is a brief rundown on what to expect during our cooking classes – but keep in mind, each class (like each chef) is a bit different!

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Cooking class in Italy 1. Just bring yourself!

First, you don’t have to bring anything. Our chefs will provide all the equipment and ingredients. We do recommend wearing comfortable clothing, and it is best not wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes. Also, we recommend having separate ‘cooking clothes’ for the class, as once you’ve cooking in them you probably won’t want to wear them out touring.

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2. Leave the dictionary at home.

The cooking classes are hands on, and are in English or, rarely, in the chef’s native language with an interpreter to assist. Usually you will prepare a full meal (such as a starter, main course, and dessert). Some of our chef’s will concentrate on different courses for each class – a pasta class one day, a “meat” class another day. And some of our chefs don’t do desserts, they will concentrate the class on the savory dishes and will simply serve a dessert that complements the rest of the food.

If you want to concentrate on a specific course (including desserts), just let us know! Most of our chefs are willing to accommodate requests, and we can steer you toward classes that suit your interests.

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Cooking in Portugal 3. Come ready to eat!

What about eating it? Again, this varies. Some of our chefs will have you sample as you go. Some will take you through the preparation of the whole meal and then you will sit down to enjoy it. Others will do a combination – you might sample starters as you go, and then sit down for the main meal. In some cases, you might even go off to do other activities and come back to enjoy the fruits of your labors later in the day.

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We offer hundreds of cooking class options between our one-day courses and our cooking vacations, so chances are we have something that will satisfy you! Remember, food brings us together, and at the end of the day that is what our cooking courses are all about!

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By Peg Kern

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