What to Expect on a Cooking Vacation with TIK

November 16, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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Cooking class with fresh ingredientsYou’ve made the wise choice to book a cooking vacation with TIK (read about how to book our cooking vacations here), but now you are wondering what to expect? Or, you’re still trying to decide if a culinary vacation is the right type of trip for you? Here is what you can expect on most of our best-selling cooking vacations:

  • Accommodations, usually between 3 and 7 nights
  • Hands-on cooking classes (of course!)
  • Gastronomic excursions – think wine tastings, olive oil tastings, visits to cheese producers or other local artisanal producers
  • Most (or all) of your meals
  • Transfers and transportation (for most itineraries)

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Kneading doughWe also offer custom culinary vacations and “short stops,” as well as one-day classes a la carte. And we do offer some self-drive options for our more independent travelers. Whatever trip you’re looking at, you can see the “Trip Details” section on our website to see exactly what is included.

We’d also be happy to make suggestions if you give us a call. Some clients want a trip that is all inclusive, where they don’t have to worry about any additional expenses. Other travelers like to have a bit more independence – perhaps a dinner or lunch “on their own” to explore the local restaurants (or even to eat light for a meal if they’ve been living it up a bit too much).

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Interested in what to expect during the cooking courses? We offer so many different options, but generally you can expect hands-on cooking classes in small groups (sometimes 2-4 people, sometimes as many as 8-12 if the kitchen is large enough) in which you prepare a full multi-course meal. We are happy to pass along dietary requests, and most of our chefs are able to accommodate them. You don’t need to bring any equipment, the knives, pots, ingredients, etc. are all provided for you. Just bring your appetite!

Ingredients for a cooking classWhat can you expect of the accommodations? That also depends on the trip. We use everything from small B&Bs and quaint farmhouses to luxury hotels and villas. All rooms have private bathrooms. If you know you are looking for a particular type of accommodation, just let us know and we’ll make suggestions accordingly.

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We’ve found that when clients’ expectations are open they have a better time – don’t expect things to be the same as they are at home. There might not be ice in your water, or butter served with your bread. There might not be one quick sandwich for lunch but a slow, multi-course meal. Expect things to be different and open yourself to the cultural experience you are sharing – and you’ll make memories to last a lifetime!

By Peg Kern

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