TIK Travel Memory from the Amalfi Coast

I’ve done a lot of group travel, not only with family and friends, but for work. Occasionally we do accompany a special group. And in addition to our own trip, specialized tour operators like The International Kitchen frequently get invited with other travel professional to participate in “familiarization” or “education” tours that teach us about a certain destination. Indeed, we have offered this type of tour for our travel agent clients.

The International Kitchen on the Amalfi Coast But one that stands out in annals of The International Kitchen was an in-house educational tour to Italy in 2007. Karen Herbst, founder and then president of TIK, decided to take the whole office staff to the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany to visit some of our best selling itineraries. To say it was the trip of a lifetime does not even come close!

Our first stop was one of my absolute favorites, Mediterranean Cooking Experience. I had been there before (had in fact accompanied a large WOW! Women Only Week there), but it was so fun to go with Karen and the rest of the office staff at the time. From the cooking classes to the day at Rosa’s, to the wonderful dinners, it was magical. We drove up the hill from the small town of Sant’Agata and saw our dear friend Jeanette resting on the stone wall – a sign of the wonderful week to come! We finished our first dinner and polished off a bottle of limoncello before heading into Sorrento to dance. We tasted olive oil with Antonio, made cheese with Rosa, and relaxed on their terrace for lunch.

To see just a bit of what a beautiful place this is, check out the video:

If you’d like to take a trip to Italy, you can’t beat this destination. For small groups it is a dream, only 12 rooms/suites total. But even for individual travelers and couples, it remains one of our absolute favorites.

By Peg Kern

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