Our Most Romantic Destinations for a Foodie Tour

February 20, 2019  |  By Peg Kern
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Our Most Romantic Destinations for a Foodie Tour

Have you ever asked yourself where you would go if you could spend one week anywhere with your spouse or partner? What would be your idea of the most romantic getaway ever? Would it be in a city or the countryside? By the sea or in the mountains? Someplace quiet and cozy or foreign and adventurous? It goes without saying it would include good food and wine – if you weren’t a foodie, you would not be on our website! We asked some of our office staff what their most romantic destination is and why: and while by no means an exhaustive list, keep these destinations in mind when planning your next romantic getaway (or as the best Valentine’s day present ever).

Exploring the Chateau de Berne in Provence Peg – The Chateau de Berne in Provence is the first place that comes to mind when I think of a romantic getaway, and it’s the place I always recommend to honeymooners or couples taking an anniversary trip. Part of it is the luxury: fireplaces in the bedrooms, balconies, even details like super-nice bed linens and bathrobes, they all give one the sense of being pampered. Add to it the grounds, the gorgeous pool, the hundreds of acres of woods and vineyards to wander around in, the amazing food and the Chateau’s own fine wines, and of course the fact that you are in Provence, one of my favorite places, and it is absolute perfection. (In case you were wondering, the couple pictured dressed in white is not Peg and her husband!)

A romantic Paris sunset RichardParis! For romance there is nothing else like it. I remember my first trip there with my partner back in the mid-80’s. We had been to London first, which was great, but Paris really provided everything we could have asked for. We’re both history nuts, so we had so much fun exploring during the day, and then relaxing at some restaurant in the evening. We found a little restaurant we always went to near the Eiffel Tower that we just loved, and we returned to it every time we were in Paris.

Adrian – It may sound surprising, but I thought Vietnam was one of the single most romantic places I’ve been. It is exotic and strange, so it gives you a sense of shared adventure. Plus, the dollar goes far, so you can do things you wouldn’t be able to do in Europe, like stay at posh, romantic hotels, dine out extravagantly, rent a whole cottage on the beach: all things that make it a great romantic destination in particular for younger travelers.

Honeymooners in Norcia, Umbria Liz – While I’ll always consider Paris as one of the most romantic places on earth, when I think of romance, my mind also immediately goes back to my time in Norcia, Umbria, where I had my honeymoon. The small medieval town has a magic all its own, and that’s in large part due to the beautiful hotel we stayed in, Palazzo Seneca. We loved our candlelight dinners in the hotel’s restaurant, Ristorante Vespasia, and the beautiful view of the Sibillini Mountains outside our window. The food, too, which we always shared so we could try everything, just added to the specialness of the trip. My husband and I talk about going back again and again, and we recommend it to all our friends looking for a romantic getaway away from it all!

There’s still time to plan a romantic getaway for a Valentine’s gift, anniversary, or just to enjoy a vacation with your loved one. Give us a call to discuss any of our destinations!

By Peg Kern

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