The Most Popular Fruit in the World

November 16, 2020  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Chances are, if you’re from the U.S., you’d probably guess that bananas or apples are the most popular fruit. (When I polled the staff at The International Kitchen, that’s even what they guessed!)

Bowl of mangosWhile bananas and apples might be the most popular in the States, it’s something a bit more exotic that is the most consumed fruit around the world: mango! That’s because it’s considered a staple fruit in so many different parts of the world, from India and South China, over to Latin America.

There’s also a stunning variety of them, over 2,000 in fact. It helps too that it’s a versatile fruit that can be served in all sorts of ways, rather than just as a snack on its own like so many fruits are often eaten. No matter what the variety, the juicy and sweet mango works really well in everything from fruit bars and cereals, but also juices, pies, chutney, and even desserts like ice cream.

Mango treeSo where are these delicious fruits grown? India is the top producer of these fruits, which should come as no surprise considering they’re the second biggest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world (second only to China). But you can also find mangos growing in South Asia, as well as in Mexico.

As for how they’re grown, they grow on trees! You may even see some of the trees, whether you’re touring India during a cooking vacation, exploring Peru, or visiting the beautiful coastline of Mexico during our Hola Coastal Mexico cooking vacation. In fact, the region of Nayarit in Mexico abounds with mango orchards. Of course, chances are some of the dishes you’ll have might have some mangos in them too.

Have you tried a mango before? What’s your favorite way to eat this sweet treat?

By Liz Hall

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