The Lemons of Italy: Puglia

When one thinks of lemons in Italy, most think of the Amalfi Coast with their exceedingly large sfusato lemons. But lemon trees populate much of southern Italy. In fact, to the east of the Amalfi Coast, lies Puglia; the heel of Italy isn’t very well known to tourists, but it is often referred to as the land of a thousand olive trees. And that’s true — but it’s also home to a number of lemon trees too.

Lemons in PugliaIn fact, it’s said that every family has at least one lemon tree on their property. As the host of our cooking vacation A Culinary Adventure in Puglia said of life in the region, every one has a lemon tree “to prevent from one other’s envy.” Lemons here are used in so many ways, from ingredients in everything from food to cosmetics. You’ll also find lemon used in their drinks, including their own version of limoncello. Some families also make “il canarino,” which is hot water with lemon juice that is supposed to help kids when they have stomach aches.

Famous Amalfi Coast lemons on our Amalfi Coast food tours.Want to discover more of Puglia and their gastronomy traditions that have been passed down for generations? Our Puglia cooking vacations all feature hands-on cooking classes that is heavily influenced by more than lemons, but also by freshly pressed olive oil and other exquisite produce from the rural land. With its coastline too — on both the Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea — the gastronomy of Puglia also features a variety of seafood.

Ready to experience this vibrant yet lesser known part of Italy? Check out our Culinary Adventure in Puglia on our website.

By Liz Hall

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