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April 3, 2022  |  By Peg Kern
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Many people, when they think of the Chicago food scene, think of Chicago-style pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, and little else. Others think of the award winning restaurants like Alinea and hot spots like the Girl and the Goat. What many foodies don’t realize that Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, each of them featuring its own food scene.

Discover Chicago on our Food Lover’s Chicago tour.

We have partnered with a local chef for the food tours we offer as part of our 3-night foodie adventure in Chicago. The advantage to having a chef lead the tour is obvious – he knows the chefs and the restaurants. The advantage to having a driving tour, versus a walking tour, is that Chicago is a sprawling patchwork of neighborhoods that you can only really experience if you move away from the central “Loop” area – and that means by car.

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We started our foodie tour traveling through the underbelly of the city – Lower Wacker Drive (featured in such movies as the Blues Brothers and the first couple Batman movies –the ones with Christian Bale, not Michael Keaton). From there we went to Pilsen (the formerly Czech, now Mexican neighborhood on Chicago’s west side), to Bridgeport (the formerly Irish enclave that now mixes Irish, Italian, Mexican and Chinese influences), to one of the city’s two Little Italys.

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Chicago food tour Along the way we ate amazing food, most of it street food (or akin to street food even if served in a restaurant), all of it served up Chicago-style: namely, big and bold. We also laughed our tails off enjoying the day with our fellow culinary adventurers.

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As part of our 3-night culinary vacation in Chicago we can offer any number of food tours featuring (to name a few), soul food on Chicago’s south side, the best Mexican food in the U.S. (bold statement, but it’s true!), old-time Chicago staples (including pizza), micro-breweries and gastro-pubs, Chinatown, Little Korea, Greektown, Little India on Chicago’s far north side, and more.

And if all that doesn’t tempt you, then you’re not much of a foodie!

Group enjoying a foodie tour in ChicagoContact us if you’d like information and pricing for our 3-night Chicago foodie tour.

By Peg Kern

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