Introducing a Magical Molise: Cooking Vacation Packages in Italy

May 1, 2015  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Introducing a Magical Molise: Cooking Vacation Packages in Italy

This year, consider traveling to the newest Italian region with some of the least traveled paths. Molise was officially recognized as its own region in 1963, and it evokes a unique cultural and gastronomic blend influenced by its neighboring regions: Abruzzo (which it was once a part of), Puglia, and Campagna in southeastern Italy. Unknown by the tourist masses yet and preserved by several national parks, Molise is an agricultural region that proves to be a desirable destination for off-the-beaten path type travelers looking for an authentic Italian countryside experience.

The beautiful Molise countrysideMolise has an old world charm that can be hard to come by in the 21st century. Many castles, abbeys, and Roman ruins are scattered throughout the countryside, and the people of Molise are very proud of their heritage. Festivals are held throughout the year celebrating the history of Molise and the people wear traditional garb.

In this exciting part of the country, we are now offering a new culinary vacation, Cooking in Magical Molise. For six nights, stay at a lovely, old Masseria that has been in the same family since the start of the 18th century and has recently been renovated to provide guests all the modern amenities and more. Classes are led by a local celebrity chef, Chef Claudio Florio, who teaches the secrets to la cucina molisana, a hearty cuisine with an abundance of fresh produce.

Kneading dough during an Italy cooking classThe trip also includes special visits and tastings at local producers of homemade pickles, salami, pasta, and caciovallo cheese. When not cooking wih Chef Claudio Florio or visiting local producers, relax by the masseria’s pool that has breathtaking views, go for a horseback ride, visit the nearby town of Montecilfone, or explore the national parks.

Check out this unique experience, travel to an untouched part of Italy, and live like a local in the beautiful, mountainous region of Molise.

By Cory Smith

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By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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