Four Picturesque Spots to Visit

Want to take your own postcard-worthy photos on your next cooking vacation? Then get your camera ready, and head to one of these four stunning spots around the world. (We could have made this list much much longer – but these are some of our favorite spots!) Bonus: the food in all these places is pretty spectacular — and worth taking a photo of too — during one of our cooking vacations.

Vineyards in PortugalThe Vineyards of Portugal

Why go walking through the Portugal countryside? To discover the beauty of the Port wine vineyards. The wine region of Douro is a World UNESCO site famous for its production of Port wine, among others. A stroll through these vineyards means taking in stunning views of the mountains, valleys, and even the sea at a leisurely pace. But you’ll also work up an appetite, and the country of Portugal offers a cuisine of hearty meats and vegetables, along with a choice of seafood.

Tourist on the city walls of Dubrovnik during a culinary tour with TIKThe Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

Croatia is a land of stunning contrasts. The coastline of Croatia combines the natural beauty of the limestone cliffs with the sandy beaches, as well as the charm of the cities of Split and Dubrovnik. Head inland and be greeted with the lush Dalmatian Hinterland. After savoring the sights, delve into the flavors of fresh oysters and other cuisine that melds East and Western traditions.

Cook with us on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and find out why it’s one of our favorite alternative destinations.

Cloud Forrest SarcofagiThe Amazonas of Peru

Travelers to Peru know about Machu Picchu. And while that deserves a visit too, look — and head — north for a part of the country that isn’t nearly as well known or visited. The archaeological sites here are even older than Machu Picchu, and they’re situated in a beautiful remote cloud forest. In fact, to access the sarcophagi of Karajia, you can only hike or go by horseback! In addition to the ancient sites, tour the tropical region and learn about the culinary traditions of the Amazonas, including cocktails of the region.

Angkor in CambodiaThe Temples of Cambodia

For some of the best preserved and unique temples in the world, head to Cambodia during our Cooking and Culture in Southeast Asia cooking vacation.. The sheer scale of the Angkor temples — Angkor Wat in particular — is breathtaking. Plus getting to the temples is an incredible experience of its own; cross moats and continue along a causeway to gain access to the intricate templates. And be sure to stay for sunset, where you can watch the sun set over the beautiful Cambodian countryside. (Learn more about why we think you should visit Cambodia.)

What are some of your favorite picturesque spots from around the world?

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By Liz SanFillipo Hall

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