Portuguese Traditional Sangria Recipe

May 28, 2021  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Homemade sangria on a Portugal cooking vacationNo matter which way you pour it, sangria is a delicious concoction that originates from Spain, but is very popular in Portugal as well. On a culinary vacation in Portugal, you will find Portuguese sangria on the drinks menu at most restaurants and bars.

The centuries-old “punch” first became popular centuries ago, during Roman times, when water was largely considered unsafe to drink. While many enjoyed wine on its own, others added fruit and spices to switch things up. The addition of fruit to create the sangria was also thought to increase people’s appetite while decreasing the alcohol content – so they felt free to enjoy that glass of wine any time of day.

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The only other country besides Spain where you can get true sangria – according to the European Parliament – is Portugal. No matter where you enjoy Portugal sangria, chances are it will include wine, brandy (or sometimes even champagne), as well as sugar and a variety of fruit. And what makes Portuguese sangria even better is how well it pairs with many classic Portuguese dishes you will encounter on our Portugal cooking vacations.

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These particular recipes come from Sofia, our hostess during a Delectable Portugal cooking vacation. She recommends preparing the sangria a day before you plan to serve it, other than the mint, which should go in just before serving.

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Portuguese White Sangria RecipeWhite sangria from a cooking vacation in Portugal.

White wine sangria is perhaps less common than red, but its crisp, fruity flavors are perfect for summer days!

Makes 2 liters (or 3.5 pints)


  • 1 liter (1 3/4 pints) white wine
  • 1/2 liter (3/4 pint) 7-up (or sparkling water)
  • 1 glass of white port wine or sherry
  • 1 glass of peach fresh juice
  • 1 glass of any sweet liqueur
  • 1 sliced lemon (small)
  • 2 apples (cut into very tiny pieces)
  • 1 peach (cut into very tiny pieces)
  • Some sweet raisins or other dried berries, cut in half without the pits
  • Some leaves of fresh mint or herb of your choice
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • Some sugar, to taste
  • Ice


  1. Put everything together and serve very cold.

Toasting with sangria on a culinary tourPortuguese Red Sangria Recipe

Red wine Sangria is one of our go-to coctails when we’re having a party. It’s easy to prep and always a crowd pleaser!


  • 1 liter (1 3/4 pints) red full-bodied wine
  • 1/2 liter (3/4 pint) 7-up (or similar)
  • 1 glass of red port wine or sherry
  • 1 glass of peach fresh juice
  • 1 glass of pear or apple juice
  • 1 glass of any sweet liqueur
  • 1 sliced orange with the skin 2 apples (cut in very small pieces)
  • Some red raisins (about 10), cut in half without the pits
  • Some leaves of fresh mint
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • Some sugar, to taste
  • Ice


  1. Like the white sangria, put everything together and serve very cold.

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