Some of our Favorite Gardens at our Cooking Vacations

April 17, 2015  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Some of our Favorite Gardens at our Cooking Vacations

April showers bring May flowers…as well as an abundance of vegetables! As much as we at The International Kitchen love flower gardens, we of course love culinary gardens and orchards even more, and we are happy to say that many of our cooking vacations have their own garden from which they harvest for the delicious meals they create.

Here is just a small sampling of some of our favorite vacations that have their own gardens, and keep in mind that many of our one-day cooking classes also have their own garden from which they pick produce.

Just a small part of Chateau de Berne's vineyard and gardenFrance: Chateau de Berne
In the heart of Provence, when not cooking in the kitchen, Chef Jamie of Chateau de Berne spends much of his time in the property’s beautiful and extensive vegetable, herb, and flower gardens. He draws inspiration from the garden and chooses only the best and freshest ingredients to use for his classes. Enjoy 3 or 5 nights cooking alongside Chef Jamie while relaxing at the beautiful Chateau de Berne property and exploring Provencal markets, an olive oil mill, and the Chateau’s very own wine cellar.

An expansive garden and farm in the Emilia Romagna countrysideItaly: Flavors of the Real Italian Countryside
Antica Corte Pallavicina located in Emilia Romagna is known for its 700 year old cellar that houses its infamous culatelli and parmigiano-reggiano, but it also grows a beautiful vegetable and flower garden with an animal farm not too far away. The Spigaroli family is delighted to share with its guests the history of the property and provide personal tours of their fully organic and traditionally maintained farm and gardens. Chef Massimo, who runs the nearby 2011 Michelin-rated restaurant, proudly uses only the vegetables, poultry, and meat grown and raised by the Spigaroli family. Experience the biodynamic farming and cooking practices firsthand during this Emilia Romagna cooking vacation in Italy.

Cooking with fresh produce in SpainSpain: Cooking in Andalusian Olive Country
Tucked away in the Andalusian olive country of Spain, Clive and Maki’s finca (farmhouse) provides breathtaking views of hillsides covered in olive trees as well as their own garden from which they draw their inspiration from as well as choose produce. Clive and Maki warmly welcome guest to their finca and passionately share Andalusian and Moorish cuisine and flavors. Cooking in Andalusian Olive Country offers culinary delights as well as the opportunity to learn about the Moorish, Jewish, and Christian influences that have uniquely shaped the region.

From these cooking vacations or any of our other trips and classes, enjoy the opportunity to learn how to turn your own vegetables or those bought at your local farmers market into delicious meals shared with family and friends.

By Cory Smith

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By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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