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November 16, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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Whether you’re heading to Italy for Tuscan cooking classes, to Mexico for a gourmet culinary vacation, to Southeast Asia for a luxury foodie tour, or to Paris for a pastry class, packing is something you just have to do. It’s no one’s favorite part of travel – and yet, the anticipation it builds makes me giddy! I just yesterday wrote out a list for my travels this week, and let me tell you, the list making is even more important when you have kids traveling with you.

Here are a few packing tips from the experts at TIK.

Slippers1) Pack for the voyage
Often when we pack we think of the items that we need once we’re at our destination, but you need to remember to pack for the voyage as well. What does this mean? First, remember the airline liquids rules, and remember to pack an extra outfit in your carryon, just in case your checked back (if you have one) gets delayed or lost. Also, remember to pack things for your entertainment, whether they are books, e-readers, or your DVD player or iPad. Snacks are another good thing to pack (I always travel nut free – why not help out people with allergies when there are tons of nut free snacks?). Pick up a bottle of water before boarding. Yes, they serve water on the plane, but it’s great to have extra to stay hydrated. For me mints are always a must, and I keep my toothbrush handy. Finally – a pair of comfy slip on shoes or slippers (rubber soled – the lavatory floor can be gross).

Sitting at the airport2) Roll, baby, roll
Airports are usually big, and the distance between point A and point B can be exhausting if you’re carrying a lot of weight. A wheeled carry on is definitely worth it, especially if you’re connecting at one of the large European airports like Amsterdam or Charles de Gaulles. But there’s another benefit to “rolling” – roll your clothes as well! It’s a great way to fit more into your suitcase and to prevent wrinkles.

3) Look at the highs AND lows
When you’re looking at the weather forecast, don’t just look at how warm it’s going to get. Remember to look at the daily lows as well. You might be out in the evening (if you’re lucky, near the water!) or in the morning before the day heats up. Remember that most countries don’t have the same heating and cooling standards as in the US, so rooms are much cooler in the cold months, and warmer in the hot months (even with air conditioning). Be prepared to layer!

Packing for a trip

4) Lighten up
Where ever you are traveling, you will be happier if you pack light. Don’t pack bulky things if you can avoid them. For example, try to limit how many pairs of shoes you’ll need by choosing clothes accordingly. Check whether you’ll have access to laundry while you are gone – one wash and you’ve cut the amount you need to pack in half!

5) What can you not find at your destination?
Always remember to pack in your carry on bag medications and things that you won’t easily be able to replace if they are lost. It’s easy enough to buy more shampoo or even an extra sweater.

Read more about what to pack for our trips.

What are your packing tips? Share them in the comments or on social media!

By Peg Kern

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