Foodie Vacations

Foodie traveler at a winery during a culinary vacationWhat makes a perfect foodie vacation?

When we started offering culinary vacations in 1994 we were pretty much the only ones doing it. In fact, it was hard to convince our partners abroad that travelers would want to spend their vacation time in cooking classes! Since then, culinary travel has become a major part of the travel industry, and pretty much everywhere you go you’ll find people offering cooking classes and recognizing that the food is a major part of any trip.

We are just as passionate about food and travel as you, and we are dedicated to an authentic foodie experience.

Some of the foodie vacation adventures you might experience on our culinary tours are:

A local woman making homemade orecchiette pasta in old Bari on a culinary vacation in Puglia

  • Hands-on cooking classes (of course!)
  • Visits to local farmers’ markets
  • Visits to wineries with cellar tours and wine tastings
  • Trips to local cheese producers to see how cheese is made, cured, and served
  • Excursions to local olive mills (in season) to see the pressing
  • Visits to honey producers
  • Excursions to local farms that produce fruits, vegetables, or even edible flowers
  • Farm visits to learn about local animal husbandry
  • Outdoor cooking experiences
  • Cocktail classes
  • Visits to producers of cured meats such as prosciutto or culatello
  • Fishing excursions or trips to harvest or select local seafood
  • Authentic dining experiences, whether at Michelin-star restaurants, in private homes, or at local eateries

And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

If everyone is now offering culinary tours, why book your foodie trip with TIK?

  • We specialize exclusively in culinary tours.
  • We’ve been doing it longer than anyone.
  • We have the best trips, the best variety, and the most exclusive offers.
  • We are an actual tour company, not just a booking portal.
  • We are food and travel geeks – this is our passion!

Want to hear more?Cheese curing in the deep wine cellar at Don Alfonso on a cooking vacation on the Amalfi Coast

We don’t do cooking vacations on the side, it is (and has always been) all we do. This doesn’t mean you only cook and eat on our trips – our culinary tours offer wonderful excursions as well, and usually some down time for relaxing. We also sometimes combine other elements – such as hiking, biking, or art (painting, photography, opera) in our culinary tours, but the main focus is always food.

Hogs on a farm during a culinary tour of ItalyWe’ve been doing this for a long time – over twenty years! Consequently, and with no offense intended to others who offer culinary tours, we think we have the best and most diverse array of cooking vacations and foodie tours on the market. Some of our collaborators are friends with whom we’ve worked for decades. Others are new, well-researched partners who we know offer the quality product upon which we’ve always insisted.

We are not just a booking portal, we are a tour company. That means that for the most part we design our own tours. We use local representatives on our trips, rather than accompanying them ourselves, because the locals are the experts – whether they were born in that location or are a passionate transplant.

Part of the experience we offer you is our passion for food and travel. We go the extra mile because we’re genuinely interested in your trip and making sure it’s everything you’ve dreamed of. So whether you are a first-time foodie traveler or taking your 20th foodie trip, you’re sure to find a delectable destination with TIK!

Spaghetti with mussels and clams as prepared on a cooking vacation on the Amalfi Coast

Food & Wine Tasting Tour in Puglia, Italy

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Dining room at the famous Don Alfonso 1890.

Don Alfonso

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