All About our Women Only Week Cooking Vacations

March 1, 2019  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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All About our Women Only Week Cooking Vacations

Every year, we select a couple weeks at some of our most popular cooking vacations to run a women only week, or WOW weeks. After many years of speaking with people about their hopes, desires, and expectations when inquiring about our cooking programs, it became quite clear that a Women’s Only Week would have great appeal. Sure enough, they’ve become some of our most popular weeks — and not just because they’re priced lower than our regular weeks.

There are many solo women travelers; they may be single, divorced, widowed, or traveling without a spouse or companion, but the common thread is that they are traveling on their own. TIK thought it would be compelling to many of these women to be in a week with other women, with the likely possibility of finding other travelers with similar interests. And, indeed, it was. Many of our women travelers have bonded to create lifelong friendships and often arrange to travel together. This is our seventh year of running our Women Only Weeks, with great success.

But the women only weeks don’t just appeal to solo travelers. In the past, groups of friends have planned to go on our WOW trips together, and, time and time again, they’ve called these trips the perfect getaway. Not only do the trips include local excursions and hands-on cooking classes, but many include everything from shopping excursions to time at the spa.


jacuzziAmalfi Coast, Italy
The stunning views alone are reason enough to head to the charming town of Sant’ Agata and the magical Relais Oasi Olimpia. This WOW week also includes a visit to a local farm where they produce olive oil and mozzarella, excursions to Pompeii and towns along the coast, and three cooking classes with Chef Carmen focused on delicious Neapolitan cuisine. When not exploring the area and meeting the locals, relax by the pool or take the hotel shuttle down to a private beach.

Tuscan cooking classTuscany, Italy
We offer not one, but two fabulous getaways to beautiful Tuscany. The first is with one of our most popular chefs, Claudio, who is skilled at tailoring each and every cooking class to the skill level of each and every student. That goes for his cooking class focused on olive oil as well; the course focuses on how olive oil can be a part of a healthy diet, and he’ll send you home with recipes that you can easily replicate back at home, whether for a weeknight meal or a dinner party. But before you head home, tour the beautiful Tuscan countryside with visits to Arezzo, Siena, and San Gimignano; take part in four hands-on classes; and enjoy free time, perhaps with a trip to the nearby Prada outlet.

Tuscan roseOur second Tuscan WOW trip takes place at the magnificent il Falconiere located just outside Cortona. Named “What Women Want,” this itinerary has it all, including a spa day, no-stress cooking classes with Chef Silvia, bio-light meals, and a full day of shopping, a tour of Cortona, where you’ll have time with a personal shopper while you peruse all the famous Italian brands. What makes this itinerary even more unique is that it’s available any week on request — rather than during set weeks — for a minimum of two people.

All of our trips offer a chance to make lifelong memories, but these women only weeks are the perfect opportunity to gather your girl friends and plan a getaway packed with all your favorite activities. Or pick a trip and make some new friends, who love to travel too!

By Liz Hall

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