French Cooking Schools: Cooking Classes in France & Provencal Cuisine
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French Cooking Schools

French and Provencal Cooking Lessons & More

If you like to cook and travel, you can combine both passions for a week of magic and learning regional cuisine at one of our French cooking schools. For these unique cooking holidays, France provides you with an unimaginable opportunity to learn from the finest chefs and enjoy authentic Provencal cuisine, all while experiencing the beautiful surroundings of the region. The programs offered are all taught in English and all cooking equipment is provided.

Through the use of cuisine, our cooking classes in France introduce you to the rich culture of the region you are visiting. In addition to learning from the finest chefs, each of the culinary vacations our cooking courses offer also provide you with a wealth of cultural experiences. Perhaps you are traveling to France and would like to take part in the cultural experience, but don't have time for a full culinary week or weekend. With the International Kitchen, you can add one of our cooking courses a la carte and still experience the magic of our lessons in French cuisine. We have several a la carte classes available for viewing. We invite you to explore the different French culinary tours offered through The International Kitchen. And don't forget to explore all the various destinations that are available for cooking vacations in other countries as well.


Cooking Holidays: France

The International Kitchen offers a variety of lessons in traditional French cooking schools from which you can choose. At our "Cooking in Provence" cooking tour you are invited to taste the fresh, pungent flavors of Provencal cuisine while dining in the soft evening air. Absorb the brilliant colors and sounds of an open-air market as you choose the freshest fruits and vegetables around. Feel the warm sun and taste the cool wine during a leisurely picnic in a breathtaking setting as you enjoy unique cooking courses. Many of our cooking schools throughout the country provide you the opportunity to become a part of the wonders and the beauty that surround you while learning the art of fine Provencal cuisine. Please explore our site today to learn more about the wide variety of French cooking holidays that we offer.

Wine Courses in Bordeaux, France

If your taste in Provencal cuisine goes beyond food and includes enjoying fine French wine, then a trip featuring a wine course in Bordeaux or the Loire Valley may be your perfect cooking holiday in France. At our Bordeaux wine course, you will learn how to prepare regional dishes that accompany the fine wines tasted each day. Enjoy staying in a restored 17th-century guest house, courtesy of the resident winemakers at Château Bujan, and get lost in our amazing wine course, one of our delectable cooking getaways available throughout the regions of France.

More on Our French Cooking Schools

If you are looking for a getaway that is much more than just your typical French vacation, our cooking schools may provide you the perfect mix of culinary lessons and relaxation you're looking for. These experiences are like no other. Whether you're looking to take a wine class in Bordeaux, enjoy Provencal French cuisine, or a stay in Renaissance chateau in the Loire Valley, our French cooking courses will provide you with cultural experiences you cannot get from your typical vacation to this country known for its exquisite food. Please take some time to discover the many cooking vacations offered by the International Kitchen, and then book your culinary excursion today.