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The beautiful countryside of Burgundy France.

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Cooking Vacations In Burgundy

Visit France on one of our Burgundy cooking vacations or Burgundy wine tours.

Some of our first culinary vacations in France were in the region of Burgundy, home to wonderful food and world-famous wines. Come explore a land famous for its exquisite culinary treats such as boeuf bourguignon and coq au vin on our Burgundy wine tours and cooking vacations. Take French cooking lessons using the freshest of local ingredients to create rich and hearty dishes, and then enjoy the fruits of your labors with fine wines.

Burgundy is as rich in history as in gastronomy, and our cooking tours include everything from visits of sleepy French villages, to medieval churches and Romanesque monasteries. The cities of Dijon and Beaune offer plenty of palaces, museums, and gastronomic tastings for our culinary travelers to explore.

The region is also replete with parks – including Morvan National Park – and beautiful countryside, perfect backdrops for our Burgundy wine tours and culinary vacations. It is traversed by the stunning Burgundy canal, which meanders through the countryside and provides the perfect venue for a stroll, a boat ride, or a picnic during your Burgundy culinary tour.

Cooking together during a cooking vacation and wine tour in Burgundy with The International Kitchen.

Cooking together during a cooking vacation and wine tour in Burgundy with The International Kitchen.

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French Gastronomy and Burgundy Wine Tours

Your culinary tour of Burgundy will introduce you to some of France’s most known regional fare. Taste Boeuf Bourguignon, Oeufs en meurette, Pôchouse, Coq au vin, escargots à la Bourgogne, and more. Or, try the renowned Burgundian cheeses such as our favorite, epoisse, or Bleu de Bresse or the many local goat’s milk cheeses during gourmet food tasting tours.

Although there are fully 5 wine regions in Burgundy that you can discover on our Burgundy wine tours – Côte de Beaune & Côte de Nuits (together referred to as the Côte d’Or), Chablis, Côte Chalonnaise, and Mâconnais – there are really on 2 main grape varieties: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. These are used to make the many different red and wines for which Burgundy is known and that you will taste on our amazing Burgundy wine tours.

Our cooking vacations and foodie tours of Burgundy include some of the best hands-on cooking classes we offer, which makes this an ideal destination for serious foodies.

Custom-Made Burgundy Food Tours

Our Burgundy cooking vacations and Burgundy wine tours include:

  • Accommodations in charming B&Bs and chateau hotels
  • Hands-on cooking classes learning the secrets of French cuisine
  • Burgundy wine tours and wine tastings
  • Cultural excursions to places of interest
  • Food tastings and market visits
  • Transfers and transportation

And TIK’s 25 years of expertise at your disposal to help you plan every aspect of your culinary tour of France!

Burgundy Wine and Cooking Tours

Elegant Burgundy – Stay in a family-owned chateau hotel in the heart of Burgundy and enjoy the services of your American concierge during your stay. Cook in the chateau’s kitchen with the professional kitchen staff.

Colors of Burgundy – Enjoy 6 nights in the Côte d’Or cooking with your hostess. Explore the woodlands, markets, canals, and of course vineyards on your Burgundy wine tour and culinary vacation.

Robert Ash Cookery School – One of our favorite Burgundy cooking vacations, the legendary chef Robert will lead you on an exploration of French food and wines on this amazing tour.