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November 16, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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Whether you are visiting Rome on your own or letting us design a fabulous custom-made Rome itinerary for you, our cooking classes in Rome are an experience not to be missed!

It’s not just the food, which is sublime, or the company. It’s the chance to visit the open-air market with a chef, to return to their home or cooking school to learn a bit about the Italian way of life, and to take that experience (and culinary knowledge) back with you.

Some say the world is less civil than ever before – and what could be more civilized (and civilizing) than cooking together and then sitting to break bread together not just in a shared meal, but in a shared experience?

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Daily life Rome Even better than taking one of our Rome cooking classes is taking several of them! Our classes are all fun, but they are all different too. Today we’ll feature three of them and you decide whether you could choose between them or whether you should try them all!

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Cooking Class and Walking Tour

This class is all about enjoying Rome! You meet in the center of Rome and then shop together for the day’s ingredients, visiting the chef’s favorite shops and market vendors on the way to the chef’s apartment on the exclusive Tiberina island, right in the middle of Rome. This is not an advanced class, but is for anyone who wants to experience an authentic slice of Roman life.

Chef Sabina's Open Raviolo Cooking Lesson with Chef Sabina

There are two things I love about this class. First, it is with an accomplished chef and food blogger in her culinary school. You will learn many wonderful recipes with her, some of them passed down for generations, but with Sabina’s own modern take. Second, it gets you out of the city center and into another wonderful part of Rome, near the old Appian Way. (But it is still very easily reached by Metro or bus!)

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Cooking Lesson with Chef Stefano

Another treat for your outside the center of Rome, Chef Stefano is unlike any of our other chefs. A passionate food historian, he researches food traditions and methods to incorporate into his classes. The result is a truly unique experience.

Cook with a noblewoman in Rome Cooking with a Noblewoman

This is our newest one-day class in Rome, and it’s a great one. Your hostess is an extremely interesting and accomplished woman, painter, photographer, chef, and the class is in one of Rome’s most beautiful palazzo apartments just off the Piazza Navona and with views over the city. It is a very unique and special experience, starting with a visit to the Campo de’ Fiori market and ending with a wonderful lunch (weather permitting) on one of the terraces overlooking Rome. This class is so special it was recently featured on NBC Extra’s Mansions and Millionaires.

If you’d like to book any (or all) of our cooking lessons in Rome, please contact us today!

By Peg Kern

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