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France culinary vacations: Cassis versus Cassis

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We're always on the hunt to develop more culinary vacations that you might enjoy, and so owner Karen Herbst often travels to Europe for various trade shows. On her most recent trip, she learned something new in France that may save you some confusion on your next trip!

"I was just in Provence with "Atout France," the French government tourist office, attending a trade show.  We meet with potential suppliers for our cooking vacations and always have a few days to explore the area as well.

One day we were in Cassis, a charming port town where I have been before. We had a wonderful bouillabaisse dinner, accompanied with white, rose and red wines from the region.

Now, I had always assumed that the liquor Cassis was from the town of Cassis.  Wrong.  As it turns out the liquor "Cassis," pronounced with the final "s," is produced in Burgundy.  The area of Cassis, pronounced without the final "s," is home to the wine production.  Could they make this any more convoluted???

But don't let this stop you if you have an opportunity to visit this quintessential waterfront town, and have a plate of moules e frites!"

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