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Piedmont Food and Wine Tours

If you are looking for the best Italy wine tours and cooking vacations, Piedmont might just be the place for you!  Piedmont is the land of some of Italy’s most prized wines— Barbaresco, Barbera, Nebbiolo, and most famous of all, Barolo—all of which you can explore on our amazing Piedmont wine tours. It has also become a superlative gastronomic destination, as you will discover during your hands-on cooking classes and food tastings. Our Piedmont food and wine tours will expose you to a cuisine that combines the richness of the Italian tradition with influences from nearby France, and an Italian cooking vacation in Piedmont means fine wines, excellent cheeses, truffles, hazelnuts, and succulent meats.

While it is true that the area is known primarily for its gastronomic delights, which is what makes it such an ideal location for our Piedmont wine tours and Piedmont culinary vacations, the region also boasts a captivating history. Piedmont was for centuries part of the House of Savoy, and it played a pivotal role in the unification of Italy in the second half of the Nineteenth Century. Come experience stunning medieval castles, views of the snow-covered Alps, vineyard-covered hills, and the genteel hospitality of the locals, who will welcome you into their homes and hearts and teach you to love this truly remarkable land during our Piedmont food and wine tours.

More About our Piedmont Wine Tours

Our Piedmont wine tours will teach you more about the famous wines of Piedmont. For instance, did you know that Barolo and Barbaresco are classified denominazioni, meaning wines made of certain grapes in a certain and well-defined geographical area, while Barbera is itself a grape variety? So both Barolo and Barbaresco are made from Nebbiolo grapes, while Barbera grapes will be found in wines such as Barbera d’Alba, Barbera d’Asti, Nizza, and more. Dolcetto, another name you’ll hear often on our Piedmont wine tours, is also a grape variety that can be used to make a variety of wines. These are just some of the fun facts you’ll learn on our Piedmont wine tours!

Shopping at the market during our authentic culinary vacation in Piedmont.

Shopping at the market during our authentic culinary vacation in Piedmont.

Of course in addition to learning about these varieties and DOC labels on our Piedmont wine tours, you will have the pleasure of tasting them during Piedmont wine tasting tours and pairing then with the amazing food of the region.

Join us in one of our favorite regions for an Italian cooking vacation sure to surpass your wildest dreams!

Piedmont Wine Tours and Cooking Vacations

Authentic Experience In Piedmont

Located a short ride from the thriving city of Turin, the medieval town of Casalborgone is the perfect place to experience a different side of Italy during our authentic Piedmont food and wine tours. Get to know the locals — including Francesca and her family at your B&B accommodations, learn about Piedmontese cuisine with 2 hands-on cooking classes, tour local towns, and of course, experience the famous wines on a Piedmont wine tasting.

Bountiful Piedmont

Enjoy some of Italy’s best cuisine while exploring famous wines during our Piedmont wine tours. This unique Piedmont cooking vacation in Northern Italy will show you the dramatic landscapes and warm hospitality that are trademarks of this wonderful gastronomic region.