Michelin Star Experience

If you’re looking for a foodie experience that stands out, try one of our Michelin-Star Experiences for your next cooking vacation. These trips include at least one meal or cooking class from Michelin Star chefs, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s best cuisine.

The Michelin Guide is the oldest European restaurant and hotel guide, and it has been rating places to eat and stay in Europe for over one hundred years. Although initially, Michelin would only award one star to the restaurants it recommended, it now has a rating system of one to three stars, with three being the highest rating a restaurant can receive. So if you hear of someone talking about a “five-star” restaurant, be assured they are not talking about Michelin stars! A cooking class or dining experience at a Michelin Star restaurant is always one of the most memorable parts of any foodie vacation in Europe, with dish after dish of delicious cuisine, sometimes innovative, sometimes deceptively simple, wowing. your taste buds. Some clients worry that taking cooking classes with the chefs of a Michelin star restaurant will be overwhelming, but our experience is that these chefs are passionate about the food they create and eager to share this passion with culinary travelers on our cooking vacations and food tours.

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What to Expect of our Michelin Star Experiences

Some of our Michelin Star experiences include multiple cooking classes at Michelin Star restaurants with their teams of chefs. Whether in Tuscany, Umbria, or the Amalfi Coast, you can stay in the hotel associated with the restaurant and enjoy a series of intensive, hands-on cooking courses delving into the best of Italian gastronomy on these Italy cooking vacations. Other cooking vacations and culinary tours might include only one class with a Michelin Star chef, juxtaposed with other hands-on cooking classes in other locations. In this way you can compare how the cooking works in a Michelin Star restaurant versus a mom-and-pop trattoria or even a chef’s private home. Still other trips include one or more dining experiences at Michelin Star restaurants in which you can explore course after course of your destination’s finest cuisine.

Some of our favorite Michelin Star experiences include multiple cooking classes while you stay at the hotel associated with the Michelin Star restaurant, such as:

Cooking under the Tuscan Sun

Located on a family-owned estate, the Michelin Star restaurant is led by the incomparable Chef Silvia Baracchi and includes wines produced at the family’s vineyard on the same land. Accommodations are at the family’s beautiful relais, making this a unique and authentic Tuscany cooking vacation.

Don Alfonso 

Dine at one of Italy’s most famous restaurants while enjoying the hospitality of the Iaccarino family on this Amalfi Coast culinary vacation. Take cooking classes with the chefs of the 2* Michelin restaurant and stay at their gorgeous relais hotel.

A Food Lover’s Paradise in Norcia

Enjoy a week in one of our favorite towns, staying in a deluxe, family-owned restaurant and cooking with the chefs of the Michelin Star Ristorante Vespasia. This is the land of truffles, delicious cured meats, and regional produce and legumes, all of which you will explore during your cooking classes and Michelin star meals.