Good for Solos

Are you a solo traveler longing to travel with other interesting and like-minded people? Have you thought about traveling solo by taking a cooking vacation but don’t know which culinary tour to choose? We have many solo travelers take our cooking vacations, and we can recommend the best trips for you.

First, let’s define what we mean by “solo traveler.” A solo traveler doesn’t necessarily mean single, it just means that you are traveling on your own. Many of our solo travelers have a partner at home, but for whatever reason – by design or by scheduling conflicts – they choose to travel alone on our cooking vacations. Some of our travelers are single, but let’s be clear: these are not dating vacations, just cooking vacations where solo travelers can meet like-minded people interested in food, wine, art, history, and of course travel!

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Different Types of Solo Travel on Our Culinary Tours

When we talk to a solo traveler looking to take one of our cooking vacations, one of the first things we ask is whether they want to be part of a singles travel group or if they would prefer to be on a semi-private or private solo travel tour. We have some chefs and culinary partners who are willing to run our cooking vacations for even as few as one person – which sometimes means an authentic, intimate private tour. This specialized attention on our cooking vacations makes it feel like you’re part of the culture, living the local life with your hosts. Whether you are looking for a cooking vacation in the French Alps, a culinary tour of sunny Spain, food tours in friendly Portugal, or wine tours in Piedmont, we can propose the perfect solo trip.

Some of our solo travelers want to be part of a larger group cooking vacation, although our groups tend never to exceed 10 to 12 people. We have several culinary vacations that we can recommend where you can be part of a group with other foodie travelers. The advantages of this type of solo trip are many:

  • It’s easy to meet people and make friends while you’re gathered around the table cooking.
  • You never have to eat alone (unless you want to) as you’ll be sharing meals with your fellow cooks.
  • A cooking vacation is designed to make you feel right at home, so in no time it will seem like you’re not a solo at all, but traveling with friends.

What are some of our top recommendations for cooking vacations for solo travelers?

Greek Cooking Odyssey

Our best selling Greece cooking vacations are on the island of Poros, and chef Katerina welcomes them all in a warm and fun environment. Your accommodations and the cooking center are lively and a hub of activity, meaning this is always a fun cooking vacation for solo travelers.

Roman Countryside Discovery

This wonderful cooking vacation in Italy is in a small village south of Rome. Stay in a converted palazzo and cook in the wonderful teaching kitchen with your fellow travelers.

A Parisian Rendezvous

Nothing is better than exploring Paris on your own. If you’re traveling solo and don’t want to spend the whole culinary tour with other people, let us design a Paris trip for you complete with hands-on cooking classes, cultural and foodie tours and more.