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November 17, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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Wednesday we talked about one of Italy’s most famous desserts – tiramisu – and for Friday favorites today we’re going to recap a couple of our favorite dessert recipes that we’ve shared over the years. They are perfect for your next special occasion, or for dessert any day of the week!

Chef Ana’s Flan

Chef Ana's Flan Flan is a wonderfully simple and delicious dessert. My family is full of egg lovers, so for us it’s a perfect option. Its also naturally gluten free, which makes it one of my go-to desserts when having to accommodate different diets. The origins of flan are reportedly Roman (evidently in Ancient Rome they used a lot of eggs), and flan both then and now can be either sweet or savory. The best part of course is the caramel-y sauce that tops it!

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Chef Claudio’s Torta della Nonna

Chef Claudio in Tuscany This traditional Italian dessert, which translates to “Grandmother’s cake,” is found throughout Italy and reportedly dates back only a few decades to a mid-20th-century baker. It is traditionally made of a shortbread crust filled with pastry cream and topped with pine nuts and powdered sugar. The pine nuts are what make it stand out, and make it easily identifiable among Italian desserts.

Chef Claudio’s recipe follows the traditional method but adds raisins—a particularly Tuscan touch, which is no surprise to those who’ve tasted it on our Tuscany cooking vacations.

Ready to start baking? You can do so with any of our chefs on our many cooking vacations in Italy, France, Mexico, and more, or during our one-day cooking classes. Or, try these recipes at home and share your results!

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