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November 16, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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One might say The International Kitchen itself is dedicated to our favorite things – food and travel, which is why we specialize in cooking vacations and cooking classes throughout the world. But this week at TIK we’re delving a bit further into our favorite things (or some of them), and we mean both big and small. Today we’re talking the small.- little things about a few of our favorite cooking vacation destinations that make them so awesome.

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Glass of wine Portugal. Just back from a wonderful trip to Portugal there are many things I could list a my favorites, but today I”m going with the Portuguese wine. I don’t mean just Port, the excellent fortified (usually sweet) wine that comes from this country, but wonderful red, white, and rose wines that are both excellent and affordable. Most places we ate in Portugal offered house wine by the glass for just €3 per glass, which is pretty amazing. And it was good wine!

Italy. Again, lots of favorites in my favorite destination, but I’m going with pizza al taglio, or “pizza by the slice,” which you can find in many parts of the country and in every neighborhood in Rome. It’s sort of like buying pizza by the slice, but better. Better pizza, more choices, and you control just how much you want. Eat it on the spot or take it home. It’s great for lunch, a mid-afternoon snack or even a light dinner when you want to give your stomach (and your wallet) a break.

Enjoying a chocolat chaud France. Chocolat chaud. This might not be the obvious choice, as many might choose a vin chaud instead. And it’s certainly not my only favorite thing about France, but having just returned from a chilly February stop in Paris, there is nothing quite like stopping in a Parisian cafe for a hot chocolate break. The combination of sitting in the bustling, warm cafe and drinking the rich, sweet chocolate can completely restore your energy (and feet) before you move along to the next site on your list.

Chicago. Why not throw in one of our domestic destinations on this list! Our hometown Chicago is at its best in the spring and summer. I don’t think you’ll find any Chicagoans skeptical of global warming after the warm winter we just had, but even if it wasn’t as cold as most years, no one appreciates spring like a Chicagoan. It’s not just the flowers and the leaves that start to come out – Chicagoans do too, as we love to live outside in our parks, at the lakefront, and in sidewalk cafes, bars, and restaurants.

What are your favorite things? Not the big stuff, but the small things that make you happy to be in a certain city?

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