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Tuscan Cooking Class Experience

Tuscan Culinary Vacations & Holidays

The International Kitchen invites you to experience an authentic culinary holiday through a Tuscan cooking class experience. Our vacations offer a variety of opportunities to study in the homes and kitchens of Tuscany's most established chefs. Participating in a cooking holiday in Tuscany represents the opportunity to gain a personal appreciation for the unique charms and authenticity that make this region of Italy what it is. A culinary getaway to Tuscany from The International Kitchen is arranged so our students have the opportunity to explore the rolling hills, hidden valleys and untamed woodlands of the region. We are proud of the total cultural immersion that our cooking classes here provide, offering vacationers a unique opportunity for personal enrichment and enjoyment. An extended retreat to Tuscany includes biking and hiking excursions through some of the area's undiscovered villages and back roads. Indeed, our cooking schools here can help you make the most out of your holiday, offering unique cultural insights and treasured learning opportunities that could pass the average vacationer right by.

Enjoying Wine on a Tuscan Cooking Holiday

Tuscan Cooking Class Options

Cooking classes included in our holidays here present vacationers with a complete regional culinary experience. These cooking courses teach classic Tuscan dishes and the art of presentation in a hands-on environment. Throughout the cooking tour you will certainly cook and eat, but you will also become intimate with the unique culture of Tuscany as a whole. The local guides and cooking instructors who have warmly agreed to open their kitchens will provide you with the best possible experience. Book your next vacation to include an Italian culinary holiday here.

Current Class Offerings

The experience you have depends on the Italian cooking school vacation you choose. Your culinary vacation may last from three to seven nights. Regardless of the time you choose, you will enjoy your entire cooking holiday in Tuscany. These cooking getaways include everything: from visiting the daily markets to the satisfaction of joining with your instructors, classmates and friends of the chefs who may stop by to join in the delight of your culinary creations. All of our Italian cooking classes are taught in English (or, occasionally, in Italian with an interpreter), and a booklet of recipes will be presented to each student.

The dishes prepared in these cooking classes include, but are not limited to: crostini, fettunta, pinzimonio, risotto, pasta e fagioli, torta della nonna, cantuccini, or panna cotta. A Tuscany cooking course and tour menu may consist of these traditional recipes as well as local innovative specialties.

Other Vacations

In addition to our unique Tuscan cooking courses detailed above, The International Kitchen offers a variety of other cooking vacations, tours, and holidays. Explore our site or contact us today to learn more.