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Italian Cooking Vacations

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If you love to cook and travel, Italian cooking vacations from The International Kitchen may be exactly what you are looking for. With these vacations available through The International Kitchen, you can combine your love of cooking and your love of travel into one amazing experience.

Offered throughout Abruzzo, the Amalfi Coast, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Lombardia/Lakes Region, Piedmont, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria, and the Veneto, our unique Italian cooking vacations give you the opportunity not only to travel and experience your surroundings to the fullest, but to also learn from some of the finest cooks in the area. All of these vacations are in English, and equipment is provided for your convenience at each location. If you would like to experience the delights of our culinary holidays in Italy, learn more about our Italian cooking vacations and the other culinary getaways we offer.

Italian Cooking Vacations in the Amalfi Coast

Soak up the elegant ambiance, the joie de vivre and the spectacular beauty of the Amalfi Drive while learning the area's special culinary arts while participating in one of our authentic Italian cooking experiences. The Amalfi Coast is well known worldwide for its beautiful cliffs and breathtaking views over the Mediterranean. This unique coast, where the rugged rocks meet the sea is the setting for one of our many cooking vacations throughout Italy. Like our many other Italian cooking vacations, this one provides you with the opportunity to learn regional cuisine from one of the finest chefs in the area.

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Umbrian Cooking Classes

If you've always been interested in Umbrian recipes and culture, then consider taking your next cooking vacation in Umbria! As the home of the famous Spoleto festival, Umbria rivals Tuscany for its natural beauty and the elegance of its towns. Explore everything from the delights of the Black Truffle from age-old Umbrian recipes, to local gourmet food shops and more as you learn about Umbrian cuisine and culture.

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More on Italian Cooking Vacations

Italian cooking vacations are a great way to experience a vacation to the fullest extent. From a cooking vacation in Umbria where you learn about authentic Umbrian recipes, to an excursion featuring Tuscan cooking classes, The International Kitchen allows you to combine a love of beautiful surroundings with a passion for cooking. Book your culinary destination today by using our online form.