Wine Tour

We have specialized in food tours and cooking vacations for over twenty years, since the founding of The International Kitchen in 1994, and where there is food there are also wine tours! In fact, wine tasting events have become increasingly popular among our culinary vacations, and have become an ever more important part of our cooking vacations.

Our wine-themed culinary tours are varied. Some of the true wine tours that specialize almost exclusively on wine. You might visit various wineries to learn about the local terroir and the winemaking processes of that region, and you will undoubtedly taste amazing wines and learn about wine pairings during wine tastings on these wine tours. But many of our culinary tours we also classify as wine-themed because they have such a strong wine component, or include wine tours and wine tastings exploring the local viniculture.

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Wine Tours in France and Italy

Some of our destinations lend themselves more readily to wine tours and wine-themed culinary tours. In France, it is no surprise that our wine-themed cooking vacations are in places such as Bordeaux, where Médoc, Graves, and Sauternes are but a few of the wines you can explore on our Bordeaux wine tours. Or in Burgundy, where or Burgundy wine tours can be explored in conjunction with traditional French gastronomy. Or of course in Champagne, where our Champagne wine tours and tasting will school you on the king of bubbles! And these are but a few of the regions in France where we offer wine-themed culinary tours.

In Italy our wine-themed cooking vacations are in Tuscany, where our Tuscan wine tours encompass everything from Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino to the Super Tuscans and Bolgheri wines of the west; in Piedmont, where Barolo and Barbera reign supreme during our Piedmont wine tours; and also in such regions as the Veneto and Sicily, each with their own wine varieties and winemaking styles that you can explore on our Italy wine tours.

Our Spain wine tours run the gamut from Rioja and Txakoli wines in the northern Basque country to the rich wines and sherries of the south and Andalusia. Our Portugal wine tours and wine-themed cooking vacations explore Port wine but also the wines of the Douro Valley.

Finally, we offer wine-themed tours in North and South America as well. Whether you want to head to California’s Napa Valley on a Napa wine tour, or to Mendoza to taste Argentinian wines, we have plenty of wine-themed trips for every traveler.

Some of our favorite wine tours and wine-themed culinary vacations include:

Robert Ash Cookery School

Explore Burgundy wines on a Burgundy wine tour with one of our oldest collaborators. A master chef and truly exceptional teacher, Chef Robert will lead you through an exploration of French gastronomy and Burgundy wines on this amazing food and wine tour.

Cuisine and Wine of Mendoza

Journey to Argentina to taste the beautiful wines of Mendoza on this Argentina wine tour. You will discover the wonderful Italian and French influences in Argentina’s wines and gastronomy.

Tuscany’s Left Bank

Cook with an acclaimed chef and then enjoy Tuscany wine tours featuring such famed wines as Bolgheri and other so-called Super Tuscans on this wine-themed Tuscany food and wine tour.