Provence Cooking Vacation: Cooking Passport to Provence in Pictures

December 16, 2020  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Originally published January 10, 2013. Chef Berard has since retired, but we thank him for the many years he taught our culinary travelers the art of French gastronomy!

One of the first things that attract visitors to the charming town of La Cadiere d’Azur in France are the picturesque views. On our French cooking vacation Cooking Passport to Provence, visitors not only get to discover beautiful vineyards and luscious gardens, but also learn about traditional and seasonal French cooking from a passionate Chef Berard. His “cuisine of the sun” highlights his love of Provencal terroir and traditions, and with these pictures, and comments from past clients, you can experience a bit of that magic too.

“It was unbelievable! The location was something out of a movie, a dream. Hostellerie Berard and La Cadiere d’Azur will forever be in our memories. Chef Rene Berard is a down to earth, kind, funny and extremely skilled man, a true gentleman with a true passion for what he does. We were both extremely impressed with not only the amount of information we received, but also with the welcome sense of belonging Chef Berard exuded. Seriously, I couldn’t begin describing our excitement.” – Rodrigo M., WA

“Rene readily shared his knowledge and experience, was patient when any of us needed a little extra instruction [in the cooking classes], and he was quick to smile and seemed to truly enjoy having us there in his kitchen.” – Heather M., MN

“The food at the Hotel and that we made was spectacular — the opening night dinner was one of the best meals I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of fantastic meals through the years.” – Alexandra T., KY

“Chef Berard’s charming Bastide and herb gardens made for an active, but still relaxing honeymoon and we have already tried some of our new tricks and recipes after getting home. What a romantic trip!” – Melissa M., MA

“The highlight for me was the lunches on the terrace overlooking the beautiful gardens, where we enjoyed the product of our morning’s endeavors. Delicious!” Gail K., VA

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