Our Basque Country Cooking Vacations

Cooking Vacations In Basque Country

Spain’s Basque Country lies in the northernmost part of Spain, and its history is as colorful as its cuisine. A land of fierce cultural pride, the Basque country is home to some of the world’s most renowned food and wine, with a cuisine that is both varied and beautiful, each delicious dish a delectable work of art. Nestled between the mountains and the coast, it encompasses everything from the freshest seafood and most sun-ripened produce, to fine fresh and cured meats and cheeses. Basque chefs, among them some of the most famous chefs in the world, are noted for both respecting centuries-old traditions and embracing new culinary ingredients and techniques. From the country “cider houses,” with their take on Spanish comfort food, to the urban “txikiteo” bars (Basque tapas), to the many Michelin-star restaurants, the Basque country represents the very best of European gastronomy.

Cooking Vacations in Basque Country

Basque Cuisine In Bilbao From Pintxos To Txakoli

Spend three nights in one of Spain’s most fascinating cities, Bilbao, in the heart of the Basque Country. Bilbao is an intriguing mix of quaint medieval streets and avant-guard urban architecture, coupled with some of Spain’s best food, which you will explore during hands-on cooking classes and a wonderful variety of meals.

Explore Basque Cuisine In Bilbao From Pintxos To Txakoli

A group toast during a Spain wine tasting tour.

A group toast during a Spain wine tasting tour.

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