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Spain & Portugal Cooking Vacations

Everything about Spain – its food, wine, and culture – exudes passion and sophistication. The bustling outdoor food markets, a collage of flavors, smells and vibrant colors, add a touch of the exotic to the sizzling paellas and delectable specialties of this sun-drenched county. Portugal has a rich seafaring past, and a landscape wreathed in olive groves, vineyards and wheat fields. Savoring life slowly is a Portuguese passion – traditional folk festivals; simple, honest food drenched in olive oil; and markets overflowing with fish, fruit and flowers.

Whichever itinerary you choose, our cooking holidays in Spain or Portugal include comfortable accommodations in one of any number of lovely properties, including deluxe hotels, renovated farmhouses, and charming inns. And of course, the hands-on cooking classes will introduce you to the finest Spanish cuisine or Portuguese dishes, using the freshest ingredients and focusing on regional specialties. Take a Spanish cooking vacation and journey with us to these lands of sunshine and warmth for the experience of a lifetime!

To learn more about our wonderful selection of cooking vacations in Spain and Portugal please select one of the locations listed above, or scroll down to see a full list of the regions in which we offer Portuguese and Spanish cooking vacations. If you are having trouble deciding from among our many culinary vacations, please call us or email: we would love to make some recommendations.

Regions We Visit in Spain & Portugal

Cooking Vacations In Andalusia

Andalusia is perhaps the most quintessential region of Spain, making it an ideal locale for a Spanish culinary vacation! Home to some of the finest olive oils, ham, and sherry in Europe, it is a culinary traveler’s delight. Enjoy the wonderful food and wines, the marvelous Mediterranean climate with miles of beaches and stunning mountains, and the warm hospitality of the locals during your one-of-a-kind cooking tour.

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Cooking Vacations In Spain's Basque Country

As one of the most beloved gastronomic centers in Europe, Spain’s Basque Country on the northern coast is the perfect combination of centuries of culinary traditions, new and innovative gastronomic techniques, and first-rate ingredients. A trip to this fiercely proud region means seafood, cured meats, sunshine, and world-famous art, all of which you will explore during your authentic cooking vacation.

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Cooking Vacations In Catalonia

Catalonia and its capital city Barcelona will enchant you with its amazing architecture, vibrant nightlife, exceptional wines and world-renowned cuisine. The region’s miles of coast, stunning interior and rich culture give it additional flavor and complexity. Journey with us to one of Europe’s most popular destinations for an unforgettable cooking vacation!

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Cooking Vacations In Madrid

Explore the center of Spain during a magical cooking vacation to Madrid, home to the Royal Palace, the Prado Museum, the Real Madrid football club, and some of the world’s best gastronomy. Visit one of Europe’s great metropolises and experience it like an insider during our exclusive culinary vacations.

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Cooking Vacations In Portugal

Portugal bears many similarities to its closest neighbor Spain while maintaining a unique and much-celebrated culture of its own. Its rich culinary history makes it the perfect destination for one of our cooking vacations, and a country that has given the world such treasures as Port and Madeira wines is a must-see for the culinary traveler!

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Culinary Tours Through Spain & Portugal

Spain offers so many amazing regions, so why not explore more than one on your culinary vacation? Our multi-region trips are similar to our other culinary itineraries, in that they offer the best of a country’s gastronomy, but include more places to see and experience. Immerse yourself in Spanish culture with our multi-region cooking vacations in Spain.

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