Cooking Schools in Florence, Italy: Authentic Italian Courses
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Cooking Classes in Florence, Italy

Cooking Classes in Florence, Italy

Add some spice to your European vacation with a trip to one of The International Kitchen's cooking schools in Florence, Italy. If you are looking for a way to make a vacation genuinely unique and memorable, we can help. A Florence cooking class will enable you to experience much more than you would on a typical trip and will allow you to experience the enjoyment of an authentic cooking lesson in Florence, Italy.

One-Day Cooking Classes in Florence

Florence, of course, is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the country, and with The International Kitchen, you can experience Florence like you never thought possible. We currently offer a variety of English-speaking cooking classes in and around Florence, Italy. Whether you want to prepare a three-course meal or take a specialty course, like pasta making, we have the perfect Tuscan cooking course for your Italian vacation. Classes include:

  • Colle Val D'Elsa - Lesson with Chef Elisabetta
  • Castellina in Chianti - Cooking at a Wine Estate with Chef Laura
  • Cortona - Lesson at Locanda del Molino
  • Figline Valdarno - Lesson with Chef Claudio
  • Florence - Lesson with Chef Barbara
  • Florence - Lesson with Chef Laura
  • Siena - Private Lesson with Chef Lella
  • Tavarnelle Val di Pesa - Lesson with Chefs Cecilia and Massimo
  • Tuscany Tour - Colors and Savors in Florence

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Florence. The name alone is enough to fill hearts with wonder and excitement over the magnificence this region holds. The rolling hillsides, vineyards, and classic buildings give this region a feel and culinary history like no other. To truly explore and immerse yourself in this region is a magical experience you'll remember all your life, especially when you learn authentic recipes under Florentine chefs. At The International Kitchen, we want to help enhance your experience with authentic cooking courses. Italy contains an opportunity for a vacation like no other and what better way to experience Florence than to be immersed in the true beauty and culture of Italy by participating in a cooking school in Florence.

Multi-Day Florence Cooking Vacations

Anyone seeking a complete Italian cooking experience should consider one of our Florence cooking vacations. Unlike the one-day courses, you and your travel partners will visit a variety of wine estates, markets, and learn a breadth of classic Italian dishes that encapsulate all the rich flavors of the Tuscany region. Explore the traditions this magnificent region possesses by enrolling in one of our cooking school vacations in Florence and participating in an incredible culinary journey.

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The cuisine found in Florence is different from other parts of the world because it has not been altered by modern ways. Participating in a cooking school here will give you the opportunity to experience this traditional cuisine and explore what makes it so unique. As a personal getaway, group vacation, or heartfelt gift, attending any of our cooking schools in this beautiful Italian city is a great way to enjoy all that this celebrated region has to offer.

If you are interested in participating in cooking lessons in Florence, let The International Kitchen help you find the perfect cooking vacation. Chosen for their charm and beauty, historic villas, farmhouses, deluxe hotels, and residences provide the accommodations for those who chose to participate in a Florence cooking course or Florence cooking vacation. Learn more about what vacations The International Kitchen has to offer throughout Italy, including our cooking vacations in Le Marche, and use our online booking form to book the culinary journey of a lifetime.