“Lettuce Turnip the Beet” with Some Vegetable Harvesting

March 11, 2021  |  By Darlene Pereda
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From the moment we set foot on Peppe’s 45 acre farm we were blown away by its beautiful colors, perfect air, and the breathtaking mountains in the background. It was truly the reality of  “farming to create heaven on earth.” Welcome to the ultimate farm-to-table cooking vacation in Italy!

Wine Cellar Our adventure began with a private tour of the villa. First, upstairs where each accommodation is simple yet sophisticated with amazing views of this little paradise, then downstairs where the cooking classes take place in Peppe’s state of the art teaching kitchen. It was then on to the wine and olive oil tasting cellar where we were surrounded by an impressive collection of wines from all over the world.

Darlene in Puglia But the best was still to come. For the last stage of our visit we headed to the fields to gather our own veggies and herbs. It was a vegetarian heaven! Endless rows of carrots, bell peppers, eggplant, a rainbow of tomatoes, a huge variety of hot peppers, squash, zucchini and cucumber, to name just a few. Not to mention the aromas of basil and rosemary that penetrated the air. Peppe talked about his farming techniques as we picked the best vegetables to fill our baskets. Did I forget to mention that olive trees and grapevines that surround the vegetable garden? The farm uses them to produce their own olive oil and wine. It’s a true gem!

Try your hand at dressing your vegetables with a homemade, classic vinaigrette.

Stay tuned for part due of this journey. For more pictures of this experience follow us on Instagram.

Hand with olives And in case you haven’t realized it… I’m a bit obsessed with Puglia! So check out my other Puglia blogs, including Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese and The Hidden Borghi of Puglia (part 1)! And keep an eye out for a new cooking vacation with this wonderful chef in this wonderful place.

Learn about foraging in the wild near Spoleto, Umbria for herbs and vegetables, and try this recipe for Five Leaf Pesto.

By Darlene Pereda

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