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Sketching during an art and food tour with The International Kitchen.When we travel, our cameras are always at the ready to snap a photo and remember a particular monument, landscape, or moment. But that’s not the only way to capture a place; creating a piece of art is a unique and wonderful way to immerse yourself in a place and remember that moment years later in a special way. That is why we periodically pair up with artists to offer special weeks featuring painting, sketching, and photography during our culinary vacations. But we can also design a custom tour for you if you are interested in adding a bit of art to your itinerary!

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Visiting the Louvre on a Paris food tour with TIK.An Art and Food Adventure in France

Imagine setting up an easel beside a French river and then drawing or painting a stunning chateau in the distance. That’s just one of the options for an art and food tour in France.

Not an artist yourself but still plenty interested in art? We already offer art-themed visits during many of our tours, whether to the Louvre during our Best of Paris culinary vacation, to the workshop of Cezanne during our Gastronomic Holiday in Aix, just to name a couple. But we can also add visits to famous museums on request. Just let us know what your interests are!

Watercolor, Wine, and Cooking

Painting supplies for a painting and cooking tour with The International Kitchen.We have frequently paired with North Carolina artist Nancy Couick to offer painting and cooking vacations. Whether capturing the beauty of Portugal’s Alentejo region — with its golden plains — as well as the country’s stunning coastline, or setting up in the vineyards of Tuscany outside of Cortona, time spent at the easel alternating with time spent in the kitchen is a unique and unforgettable way to experience a local culture.

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Painting in the open air during a culinary and art tour with The International Kitchen.You can tour, and sketch, paint, or photograph, inspiring places that feature centuries-old architecture, palaces, and nature parks, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites and famous towns.

If you love both art and food, contact us about a custom tour, or ask whether we have any art-themed offerings planned. You’ll return not only with memories to last a lifetime, but artwork that you’ve created too.

By Peg Kern

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