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November 17, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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We thought we’d take a page out of our favorite news organizations and keep things up-to-the-hour this week in the blog: our first installment of “This Week at The International Kitchen!” We like to talk about our chefs, so what better way to start than with a report of the cooking classes going on TODAY with our partners?

Ravioli at Antinori's Noble Tuscany in Tuscany As we speak we have clients cooking with Michelin-star chef Matia Barciulli of the Osteria di Passignano in Tuscany. Chef Matia’s credentials are impressive, but don’t think it’s gone to his head: he is one of the nicest and most unassuming chef’s we’ve met, with a gentle manner and a desire to teach all things Tuscan to our guests. The amazing teaching kitchen at the property we use for our Antinori’s Noble Tuscany cooking vacation was made in partnership with KitchenAid and is truly amazingly well-equipped. Who knows what they are preparing as we speak? Perhaps Cannolo di melanzane (Eggplant “cannolo”), Ravioli di farina di nocciole ripieni di polpa di maialino (Hazelnut-flour ravioli stuffed with pork), or Cotoletta di vitello in panura di ortaggi (Veal cutlet breaded with vegetables). Our client will soon be putting up their aprons and sitting down to enjoy a fabulous meal, accompanied of course with fine Antinori wines.

Chef Alessandro in Tuscany We actually have clients as several of our favorite cooking vacations in Tuscany this week. Tomorrow our clients at Cook in the Heart of Chianti will be starting their culinary journey into Tuscan pastas and sauces. They might make a classic Tuscan Pappa al pomodoro (Bread and tomato soup), Tagliatelle all’uovo ai funghi porcini (Fresh egg noodles with porcini mushrooms), or Ravioli ripieni di ricotta (Ricotta-filled ravioli). One thing is certain, Chefs Alessandro and Luca will make sure our culinary travelers learn the best there is of Tuscan cuisine.

But what about other destinations?

Provencal Tapenade Besides clients traveling in Tuscany, we have travelers in Sicily, on the Amalfi Coast, on a custom Greek Island culinary cruise, in France’s Loire Valley and in Provence. Some of our culinary adventurers just finished up at our fabulous self-driving Provencal Adventure, where they will have certainly tasted some of Chef Christine’s amazing home-made jams and might have made her famous Provencal Tapenade.

That’s it for this news hour – but check back later this week for more on up-to-date happenings at The International Kitchen!

By Peg Kern

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