Culinary Secrets to a Longer Life with Diane Kochilas

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Learn the secrets of Greek cuisine and long life from Diane Kochilas, famed cookbook author, award-winning chef, and TV personality, on the island of Ikaria. Ikaria is one of the world’s famed “Blue Zones,” a small handful of locations around the world where scientists have discovered the inhabitants live measurably longer lives. The secret to the longevity of the inhabitants is usually attributed to, quite frankly, what we would call “the good life”: fresh, seasonal food, moderate exercise, and strong family living. Ikaria is a place of relaxation and stress-free living, where the therapeutic thermal baths, the miles of beaches, the fresh air and sunshine, all combine to create a paradise on earth sure to leave you happy and invigorated (although we can’t promise your trip will actually make you live longer!).

For a handful of weeks each year, Diane Kochilas, award-winning chef, cookbook author, and TV personality, and her husband and partner Vassilis Stenos open their country home on the island of Ikaria in the ancient village of Aghios Dimitris to those wanting to learn the secrets of “Blue Zone” living and the mysteries of Greek cuisine. All in all, it will be a week of unforgettable memories in one of the most stress-free and picturesque places in Europe.

Culinary Secrets to a Longer Life with Diane Kochilas Pricing & Tour Dates

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2019 Pricing:

6-night Program
US$3650 per person based on double occupancy
  • Add US$365 for single occupancy (use of a double room by 1 person)

Tour Dates

Available the following dates.

June 16-22† (only a few spots left)
June 22-28†
July 7-13
Sept. 8-14
Sept. 15-21

†Join a week others have confirmed.

Other dates may be available for groups of 6 or more, please inquire.