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Cooking Holidays in Sicily

Join us for an Italian cooking vacation to entrancing Sicily, an exotic location that has beckoned travelers for centuries. A repository of every great Mediterranean civilization, Sicily still bears the cultural and gastronomic influences and the archeological remains of the many peoples who have ruled it. From Palermo to Taormina, Sicily lives on as a land of deep blue skies, temperate climate, lush vegetation and abundant marine life. The cuisine of Sicily—from cannoli to cous cous—is as complex as its history and pairs beautifully with the island’s world-famous wines. Your Sicilian culinary tour will treat you to hands-on cooking classes, gourmet meals, wine tastings, and guided excursions, giving you an insider’s perspective to this mysterious island.

Please see the full list of our Sicilian cooking vacations and culinary tours in Sicily below. And, don’t forget to take a look at the other exciting vacations we have to offer, including Amalfi culinary vacations and exciting Bordeaux wine tours.

Cooking Vacations in Sicily

Authentic Sicilian Experience For The Food Lover

This authentic Sicilian experience includes touring the island with a Sicilian host, who will take you to bustling cities as well as small, charming medieval towns. The unforgettable gourmet experience includes three hands-on cooking classes with true Sicilian chefs, as well as numerous guided excursions to explore the amazing history left behind from Greek civilization, among so much more!

7 nights – Available any week on request.

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Baroque Sicily

Awarded the coveted “Best Hotel in Sicily” in 2007.
If you want cooking tours in Italy the Sicilian way, then spend your week in a fabulous four-star family run hotel, where you will be welcomed with the unparalleled hospitality for which Sicily is so well known.

6 or 4 nights — Available on request year round for a minimum of 2 people.

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Elegant Taormina And The Eastern Coast

Goethe once called Taormina the “greatest work of art and nature,” and that’s exactly what visitors will find when exploring this ancient city, which is home not only to wonderful Sicilian food but also the Godfather tour. Discover breathtaking views, quaint villages, ancient ruins, and delicious food through three hands-on Sicilian cooking classes in this amazing getaway.

4 or 6 nights – Available any week on request April to October. (Winter season on request.)

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Travels With Karen: Splendors Of Sicily

Please join Karen for a wonderful tour of the island of Sicily. You will see many of the island’s famed Greek and Roman sites, will enjoy wine and olive oil tasting and cooking classes. Add some delicious food and wine and wonderful company and you are in for a great time!

9 nights – Available June 1-10, 2018. SOLD OUT – Wait list available.

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